Year End List! Get Your List On!

Seems like I'm probably one of the last ones on the wide world of web to put their year-end lists online, but I finally have let loose with it. Maybe some surprises on there, maybe not. Feel free to tell me how stupid I am for my picks...

Also, send in your own list and I will post it on the Readers List page! I'm accepting up to 20 entries from readers this year, and I ask that you pretty please at least send them in descending order (and if you really want my love, use the html code provided). As always, I'm looking forward to reading through everyone's lists, as I always end up discovering several good things from them. Get moving!

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End of the year is very near now... I am curious, is it possible to send lists for older years? I am almost sure that new Readers lists of 2005 has been added during 2006 but I could be wrong.

Here's a list of my favorite lists...
1. Michel (love the that Palestine / Conrad collab)
2. Dave from Wisconsin (except for Ys)
3. Bob Bakker (except for Ys. Raccoooonnn hell yeah and the Galbraith collab too)
4.Neil (Birchville ! yeah!)

alright, i'm stopping now. this is dumb and i'm drunk g'night. don't forget to blow that Ys cd up your arse! just kidding

Alex, do you work for Drag City publicists?

Alex Staherski
Thank you! All the lists I've seen without Ys even near the top (or not on it at all even in 25 like the Onion list!) are absolutely insane! Best album I've ever heard. I'd give it all ten slots on my personal top ten list.

Best Of lists made by individual are a great source of discovery by opposition of Best Of made by group of people that I often found uninteresting. So I enjoy a lot to dig through Aaron's list and the Readers Lists. Because of this the best of I could made at the end of the year is quite different that the same list made 3 or 6 month later. Curently my best of could be the 2006 albums of Liars, The Feeling Of Love, Sighting, 10lec6, Starving Weirdos, Comets On Fire, Todd, The Amoeba Men, Jel, Volcano The Bear, Der Blutharsch (CD released in 2006), Camille (live), Bästard (live), Shora.

But nope that's not my 2006 list I need 3 or 6 more month and I need to listen the Joanna Newsome album and some more albums including some I'll found by digging individual year-end list. :-)

"My Morning Jacket crossed with the Animal Collective"
That especially is a good way to describe the song 'On a Neck, On A Spit' (my fave of the album Yellow House)
Thanks for the comments Aaron
BTW I bought my ticket today for the Built To Spill concert in May in Paradiso, Amsterdam :D!

Once again, if you posted your list in this thread and it's now missing, it's because I chopped it out of here and pasted it onto the actual Readers List page.


To answer your question Elwin, I've heard both the Grizzly Bear and the Tapes N Tapes and neither grabbed me. The Grizzly Bear defintely had its moments, and at its best sounds sorta like My Morning Jacket crossed with the Animal Collective, but for some reason they just couldn't capture me for the long haul. As for the Tapes N Tapes, there were some good songs, but again I just didn't feel like the album sustained itself for the running length. I'll be curious to hear what they do on their second release, though.

I hope you enjoy it! There are quite a few collabs in your list that have me piqued as well...

Only a quick scan through the user lists and I've already done my first big discovery! I spotted "An Aural Symbiotic Mystery" by Charlemagne Palestine & Tony Conrad at the top of Michel's list. Looks like an interesting release and the fragments I've heard so far sound amazing. Thanks Michel. :)

Elwin Rijken
Hey Aaron!

Did you hear my 2nd and 3rd album on the yearlist yet?
(Grizzly Bear and Tapes 'n Tapes) ?

I really love those albums and am curious about what you think of those, how you would review them.

Take Care and the best of music in 2007
Greetings Elwin

That was pretty harsh geiger. I know Newsom definitely isn't for everyone, but you could say that about a lot of things.

You should send me your top 20 list to post. I promise I won't write a diatribe about why your top pick sucks. :)

BTW Mr. Bubbachumps, nice to hear Rake on your Myspace page. One of the best songs of all time!

ignore the Newsome hype...that shit sucks. Same crap as before but with Broadway production added to that fake english 60's folk. sorry for the caustic message, but really I just don't see the love and boy did I try because of the "gotta hear this!!" buzz ringing over and over on the web. If you're really interested have someone burn it for you first. I have a feeling there's going to be a ton of these copies in the used bin next month

I must be one of the very few people knocking around here that has yet to hear the Joanna Newsome album! Am I strange??
What's weirder, though, is that 2006 has easily been my busiest year for buying new music - well in excess of 200 new albums. A lot of these are CDRs released directly by the artists, or issued on a slew of small labels.
Noise and experimental music have been my favourites again this year.
Meursault topped my charts with two of his three releases - amazingly beautiful semi-acoustic/ambient/pastoral post-rock instrumentals.


i give up i am going to succumb to the hype and actually believe joanna newsome is in fact quality. Everyone can't be wrong

I totally agree about Newsom, Moka. To me, though (as I mentioned in the review), she toned down a lot of her more crazy vocal stylings on this newest release, while at the same time showing remarkable growth in both her songwriting and melodies. I'm beguiled by it.

Looking over my list again, it seems more poppy than in past years, but I guess that's not really a surprise. There was some great stuff that came out this year.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

Newsom is a hate or love type of artist, I've heard many strong crashing opinions on that one. I still can't get over her voice, think her ambition is bigger than her composition. Same goes with beirut, I've been hearing balcanic music since I was young because my father is a big fan of the genre and I found gulag orkestar rather unimpressive. Your list is very good though aaron, thanks to you I reconsidered getting the white birch and I've been loving it ever since- I'm having trouble getting the triple burner ever since I got hooked by your review, cant wait to hear that too. The ep's are great, I would've included the midnight juggernauts' "secrets of the universe" ep in there.
Happy holidays!

Good to finally see your list Aaron! The number 1 is not a surprise I guess but a fine album indeed. I'm glad to see Charalambides up there too.

I'm still finishing my own list as we speak. A couple more albums to go (during December I always listen to every album I have bought from that year before I make my definitive list) so I hope I can wrap things up this evening.

Cheers for the great reviews this year and happy holidays!

mrtkny and theskinnyfists, I pulled your lists out of your comments and posted them on the Readers List page.

Going to get that Joanna Newsome record today, too much great talk to ignore it any longer.