A year-end mix for you!

For the past five years or so, I've been putting together year-end mixes and then sending them out on CDR to good friends to try to help share the music that I love.

This year, I decided to go the digital route and instead put together a more bonified mix (with songs actually sorta mixed together). For a limited time (through the end of the year, until my server borks, or until I get a call from a record label - whatever comes first), the two-part mix will be available for download. As with my podcasts, it's in the m4a format and has embedded artwork and links to reviews for the respective artist being played. If you download it and listen to it, let me know your thoughts.

http://www.almostcool.org/test/ACYearEndMix06_01.m4a (47 mb)
http://www.almostcool.org/test/ACYearEndMix06_02.m4a (42 mb)

As always, thanks for stopping by.

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Thanks, this is great :%

many thanks aaron for these nice mixes. Great job, and a few great discoveries for me. I put a post on my blog to transmit the info.
Sweet and lovely year to all.

Great! Thanks so much for allowing us slower mammals to still download this mixes. Also, thanks to Andy for pointing out why I wasn't able to download (never had a problem with Safari before).

Cheers to all, and happy new year.

Thanks so much for these! I was a bit lazy about checking out new music in 2006 (preferring instead to dip into the past) and as such I haven't posted a list this year (the Joanna Newsom, Danielson, and Herbert records were some of few firm favourites) - but your list and now these wonderful mixes have given me loads to go back and seek out.

I particularly like the Dosh and Helios tracks, but know that both sets will provide lots of listening in the weeks ahead. Much appreciated!

They're still there! Just copy the address and paste it into your browser and it should work out...

I'm going to leave them up until the update this coming Friday (and perhaps longer).

So sad I missed out.....

So Great! I especially love Part 1, with The Thermals banging out the beginning. What a great set! This was a treat, and thanks for posting the links.
Looking forward to 2007.

Almostcool is now right up there with the music sites I visit most frequently. Thanks for all your hard work!

this is great - thank you for doing this. really appreciate the work involved in putting these together - best wishes fro 2007.

oops...was a Safari issue...works great in Firefox. Cheers.

Yeah, you'll have to copy and paste the links into your browser to download them. I don't allow straight linking to prevent from spamming on here.

The playlist is as follows...
Part 1
"Here's Your Future" - The Thermals
"Belgian Wake-Up Drill" - Grails
"But When She Left, Gone Was The Glow" - The Twilight Sad
"Wall Socket Protector" - Triple Burner
"Postcards From Italy" - Beirut
"Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby" - Islands
"Triggering Back" - Benoit Pioulard
"Adlai Stevenson" - Sufjan Stevens
"My Bed Is My Castle" - Mahogany
"Um, Circles And Squares" - Dosh
"In The Morning" - Junior Boys
"The Chills" - Peter Bjorn And John
"And I Was A Boy From School" - Hot Chip
"Distant Lights" - Burial

Part 2
"Frictional Nevada" - Venetian Snares
"Knucker" - Humcrush
"Into The Tress (Serenetti Part 3)" - Trentemoller
"We Are Not The Ones" - The White Birch
"Paper Tiger" - Helios
"Part 2/IBM1403 Printer" - Johann Johannsson
"Cosmia" - Joanna Newsom
"Tapha Niang" - Toumani Diabate's Symmetric Orchestra

Maybe I'm being stupid here, but my MAC doesnt seem to want to download these -- I was cutting and pasting the address. Any ideas?

Great idea! Just listened to them both and especially the first set is very strong, it seems as though these songs naturally belong together. Apart from The Thermals of course, but they are a nice kick off for what's following. Great stuff, while listening I was even inclined to buy more albums of your year-end list.

Would it be possible to post the playlist of both sets? Somehow I can't see the additional information in Realplayer or any other player that I have.