Jan 11 Reviews / Podcast feed! (finally)

First off, I think that this weeks podcasts are probably the most odd pairing I've had in a long time. About as far away from one another as you can get.

Also, I have to announce that the podcast feed is finally working. It's actually built into the main RSS feed for the site, so the address is the same.

Basically, if you want to subscribe to the feed, just enter the below address into the podcast subscription box in iTunes (or whatever player you use to download podcasts) and it should start pulling them down.


If you have any issues, let me know. I also have to give a huge, massive thanks to Mr. Brett Bieber for the help in doing the feed. I wouldn't have ever gotten it done without him.

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You can't beat a bit of free music! Nice one

click my name for an excellent netlabel

Click me, and hopefully you'll see the latest release news from the ever-wonderful Resonant label.
I've been hankering after the Dialect album ("Sync Chronic City") for way too long. I've been checking Daniel's pages at MySpace. it seems he's been working on a band project, as well as putting the finishing touches to the Dialect album. If you haven't heard the EP "Buildings With Towns In", you should do something about that damn quick.

I'm a big fan of the Resonant Label and there will be a few excellent releases from them in 2007. I just purchased the Prince Valium album, while I am eagerly anticipating the next releases from Port-Royal, Yellow6 and Straefern Hakon.

I must check Library Tapes out