Feb 15 Reviews / Podcast #100

I've started work on a site redesign, which I can hopefully work out more soon and implement in the next month or so. It shouldn't be too big of a kick in the head, but I feel like the current design is getting a bit stale.

With the two posted this week, I've officially posted 100 podcasts on the site since I started it just under a year ago. Has anyone discovered anything they've eventually bought from hearing a podcast on hear? Any other suggestions on them?

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It's certainly a good album, but in places it just feels like it's not _quite_ there yet. That said, there are some great songs, I second "Derelict" as my favorite.

Speaking of Creeping Weeds, their "label" (which I suspect they might run themselves) doesn't have a website, but the band themselves have a website at http://www.creepingweeds.com/ where you can hear samples and get their disc for cheap...

7.25 for the Creeping Weeds!? Are you freakin' crazy? That one knocked my socks off.

Thanks for recommending it to me - you were right - I love it. Time Lapse and Derelict are purty sweet.. thanks.

The Choker
I've been coming to your website every Friday for years now to read your reviews. To my surprise you have yet to review a Deerhoof album. Seeing as they just released a new album would you think of reviewing it? I enjoy your prose style and would like to hear your opinion.

man, I'm loving the Trans Am album at the mo, - the post-rock disco-boys are back!

I had been familiar with Dosh for a while, but hadn't ever gotten one of his albums. I immediately bought it after hearing the podcast which ended up being a great decision. Very upbeat for that particular time; something I needed very badly.

And I'm not sure if you had a podcast of it, but I certainly did find out about Beirut from your site! First time I checked it that's what I saw actually. I had gotten the link off of constellation's "reviews" section; always liked your write ups but hadn't visited the site.

Also, that end of the year mix was awesome! That has forced me to seriously consider getting the venetian snares ep as well as that twilight sad ep.

The Gentleman Losers and Phon Noir for me. Just hearing the sound clips augmented what you said about both albums and I bought them. Both went on to feature in my top 20 of 2006.

Also I can't reme,ber if there was a podcast but I disocvered the excellent White Birch due to this site.

I should give something back, this guy got was given album of the week by boomkat, it's lovely stuff.