Mar 1 Reviews / What are you looking forward to?

The usual batch this week, including the long-awaited follow up from Do Make Say Think.

I know that slews of stuff has already leaked on the file sharing networks, but I admit to not really using them anymore. Therefore, I still have a lot to be excited about hearing in 2007. What releases are you looking forward to this year?

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I'm really looking forward to the new albums from The Locust, Bright Eyes and Modest Mouse.

Seems like a good year for music anyways though :)

The Joanna Newsom is called something like

Joanna Newsom and the Ys Street Band

Nyuk nyuk. :)

I'll be interested to see that books dvd; I was really entertained with their visual presentation at their show last year.

Listening to the dmst right now. Awesome, though it's a little more straight forward for them I feel. However, that's not entirely a bad thing, or a bad thing at all really.

What's the name of the new Joanna Newsom? And after hearing that really really excellent "Bro's" EP of Panda Bear's I'm really looking forward to his album...hooray!

Foley Room and Panda Bear are quite good. A bit disappointed with the new The Sea and Cake. New LCD Soundsystem has a couple great songs.

As for stuff I haven't heard, Battles and Bjork of course. Planet Mu has a lot of good stuff in the pipeline if you check their home page. New Boxcutter, Mu-ziq, Chevron, Pinch, and Luke Vibert are of note. Also looking forward to Takeshi Nishimoto's (1/2 of I'm Not a Gun) solo record on Buro. I hear there's a new Christian Kleine on the way too. Love his stuff.

That SOTL blurb should read...

(not as Dead Texan-y as I hoped for)

The new Battles and Wilco leaked yesterday. The Battles is fantastic, haven't listened to the Wilco yet. Of the others not out yet that i've heard...

Feist (snoozer)
Stars of the Lid (not as good as Dead Texan-y as I hoped for)
Low (meh)
Dungen (good, but more of the same)
Do Make Say Think (excellent)
Battles (great)
The Arcade Fire (amazing)
Panda Bear (really nice)

Still really looking forward to the new Fridge album, glad to hear there's a new Colleen in the works, and similarly Mileece.

When is a new Aphex _not_ rumored? :)

In all honesty, though, supposedly there will also be a new Portishead before the end of 2007, and based on the original trio playing a couple new songs at a recent unannounced pub gig, it sounds like that might actually happen.

new aphex is rumored

To midly stick into the subject, generaly I avoid expecting anything from any group because I know that there's much more chance that it's a disapointment.

So a list a 2007 albums I found great :
* Shining - Grindstone
* Times New Viking - Present The Paisley Reich
* Jesu - Conqueror
* Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
* Dungen - Tio Bitar

Yeah I know some aren't yet relased, ha well who care? I'll rush on them and few other once they are released anyway.

Wooo I can't understand how you couldn't found/listen great stuff in Grindstone the last Shining album. :-)

That's a terrific album, a wold better than their prvevious album which was already a very good one that you enjoyed. Ha well, ok it doesn't matter, just too bad... for you. :-)

Agree with some of the stuff already listed. Matt seems to have especially refined taste and I'd second his interest in:
Kim Hiorthoy

Andrew mentioned:
Hope the CD's easier to get than their recent 12" vinyl 1-sided EP.

Also coming soon (21 March) is:
Amiina, the delightful icelandic quartet from the Sigur Ros family

And of course, way off the obscurity index, the new Chemical Brothers album. Still love 'em.

Dangit! I'd forgotten about that Joanna Newsom EP. Despite the silly name, it sounds awesome.

Also, there's a Junior Boys remix EP coming out in the near future and supposedly The Books are going to be releasing a DVD of the videos that accompanied them during their live shows.

I will admit to being seirously interesting in hearing what Pelican does next, as well as the Kim Hiorthoy. Bonanza!

Joanna Newsom EP in April
Bjork - new LP in May
Radiohead (of course)

kim hiorthøy
skeletons and the kings of all cities
matthew dear
frog eyes
mice parade
bogdan raczynski
parts and labor

also waiting for stars of the lid, panda bear, battles, fridge (although one track i've heard from a temporary residence sampler didn't impress me...), pelican, dntel...

gosh that's a lot...

I will say that the new Stars Of The Lid is full of some gooey goodness. It sounds more "full" than "The Tired Sounds Of..."
It's very, very good, but that's just my opinion... :)

Even though it's out already, I am looking forward to getting the new Mikkel Metal album "Brone and Wait" in the mail. Had to order it from Kompakt, since no one in the states seems to want to carry it...

That and the new RJD2 album (on XL) should be interesting.

God is an Astronaut in April
65daysofstatic in April
Rush in May
Pelican in May

Among other new records from amazing talents.

Well, I'm not exactly "waiting" to hear it, but the upcoming Blonde Redhead album is pretty wonderful.


Stars of the Lid
The Clientele

I've heard a few good things about the Battles album "Mirrored". While I am anticipating Port-Royal's "Afraid To Dance". Boy In Static also sounds quite promisisng and I would second the Grails shout after hearing "Black Tar Prophecies" last year

Grails. That could be the only new record coming out this year, and I would be happy.
Jesu - Conqueror (LP)

2nd just about all of yours, Aaron, plus Low and Air.

Glad to hear you like the new DMST. I admit I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but I'm warming up to it. Probably my least favorite of theirs since their debut, but still an excellent album.

I also share your feelings on Eluvium. Pretty in spots, but a little too simplistic and saccharine overall.

Up until recently, I could list a fair few releases that I wanted to hear this year. But since my PC fell apart the other week, I'm struggling to remember any!
Still, thanks for the heads-up re: Fridge - I'm glad they're back together.

Anyway, from what I can recall, these are worth looking out for:
Big Business
Crippled Black Phoenix
Stafraenn Hakon
Acid Mothers Temple (bound to be a few)

and a couple of maybes:
Part Chimp

For me, I've gotta go with the following... (although feel free to post rumored releases, etc)

Mar 6th
Arcade Fire - "Neon Bible"
!!! - "Myth Takes"
Amon Tobin - "The Foley Room"

Mar 20th
Andrew Bird - "Armchair Apocrypha"
Panda Beart - "Person Pitch"

Apr 24th
Grails - "Burning Off Impurities"
DNTEL - "Dumb Luck"

May 1st
Feist - "The Reminder"
Patrick Wolf - "The Magic Position"

May 15th
Battles - "Mirrored"
Fridge - "The Sun"