Mar 8 Reviews / Redesign and stuff

So, I finally launched the redesign that I started awhile back, then completely scrapped and started over on (twice!) before finally arriving at this new look. Any thoughts on it?

Feel free to talk shit about any reviews I might or might not have done this week as well (Arcade *cough* Fire is coming next week, promise).

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The Ben Frost album is awesome! I think I got that recommendation from your site Michael.

hey, umm. Clay here.
How are you? I thought of you when Sockrider emailed me out of the blue. He emailed me when he saw a picture of bald Britney wielding an umbrella. Go figure.
The big question is: Where is the Squirrel Fight song? The internet seems to have eaten it up.
I like the new design. I need to redo my site with some of the CSS love I've learned. Why 940 width? The header works with green. The grey/green in the body makes me sad. The Design is solid love, Im not sure about the green color.
Anyhows: Squirrel Fight!
Hope Tina and the kids are doing well

Just a quick query. Has anyone else heard Ben Frost's "Theory of Machines"?. It's one of my favourites so far this year


ive been reading since 2001/02 I think, ever since the review of "Konigforst" by Gas, id say i check this site everyday!

thumbs up for the new layout, but you know what would be great? An index or a search functions for all the podcasts. That's the only thing I'm missing.

Damn, if you remember the old black backdrop, you have been reading for awhile.


Just a quick note on the Arcade Fire/ Neon Bible debate. They were absolutely sensational tonight live in Glasgow. The new songs sound fantastic in a live setting


there is nothing wrong with the new layout at all. It's cool, but then I loved the old black backdrop!

If you see something that's specifically wrong with the design, could you be specific? I tested it on both PC and Mac on a variety of browsers, and all pages (except a few of the readers list pages) have valid HTML.

Or were you referring to the look just not being that great in your opinion?

Oh, and I like the idea about adding datestamps to comments. Thanks.

also... i'd suggest u add dates to the comments - may help some guys (not sure how though!)

something is definitely wrong with the design... the idea is really good (that's if I'm getting it! - you are looking to give a more future goth outlook?) but it's missing the professional look the previous design did.

The new design is pretty sweet. Keep up the good work!

Cool Layout. Hope this site keeps alive for a long long time cause it's like having good music served on a silver plate.

I've listened to neon bible all the way through about 7 or 8 times and am still convinced that it's nowhere near as good as funeral. It's not a bad record in any way, but if they had released that album first, they'd get lumped in with stars, broken social scene, and other canadian bands that are generally considered very good, but they wouldn't have so many people falling all over themselves about them.

I am with Chris re. the Arcade Fire album. The headphones are actually what won me over. I have tracked down the Malajube record, and am giving it a spin.
On another topic, I am wondering how people feel about the kode9 album. Not sure I "get it". I really like the burial album, so it is not the genre, per say. I think it is the lyrics I am not quite getting into.

Thank you everyone for the comments so far. Glad that the general consensus is that the look is better, although I know I still have a few things to clean up still. If anyone finds anything that looks askew, just let me know.

Oh, and to answer some questions, I'll be getting to the Gui Boratto and many other things in the near future. The release schedule is starting to get a bit crazy, so I'll try to keep up.

For some reason in the last few years I've completely lost touch with the 'indie' rock scene, and for some odd reason, despite the continued lackluster feeling I get from buying these albums, I tend to gravitate towards the big albums like Grizzly Bear's and The Arcade Fire...just because I don't know what's good anymore. And I end up feeling very underwhelmed. Not like they are bad, but I don't know. The albums never feel as great as they are made out to be. The luck I've had with 'electronic' music has been so much I guess I should stick with what is working...

Love the new look, the green makes this look really distinctive.

Sorry to say, neither Funeral nor Neon Bible do anything for me. Maybe something's wrong with me, but they just sound like competently performed, average indie music.

The review I want to see is Gui Boratto's Chromophobia.

I guess I have to be the first to completely disagree with Marshall about the Arcade Fire disc.

When I first heard the leaked tracks one at a time...maybe I thought the same thing. I was disappointed. But then I heard 3 or 4 of the songs in sequence and something clicked. Then I got the whole album...and wow, it's an album that has been meticulously sequenced and has to be listened to as a whole.

The songs on Neon Bible don't have the climatic payoffs a lot of the songs on Funeral have...but it's clearly meant this way. I think that shows growth and maturity in songwriting. The payoff comes from listening intently to the whole album.

Honestly I hated hated hated "Black Mirror" when I first started hearing it. I'm not a good enough writer to explain how or why it clicked but after listening to the album as a whole I "get" it. But don't ask me to define what I'm getting.

Anyone let down by Neon Bible I would implore to devout fifty minutes to it and give it a good listen on the ol' headphones. There's a lot of layers and nuance you don't get from a car or background listen.

Anyway, that's my cents or more.

Oh, but I also hate the Malajube record. Just me it seems like.

J'adore. I was going to suggest a link to the main page on the banner but it has already been suggested so... Got sent the !!! record this week, sexy stuff.

I am really digging the new design, specially the new colours, great work.

oh yeah,

if you want to hear what the new arcade fire SHOULD have sounded like, pick up the malajube record from last year. Neon bible is an even bigger let down after listening to malajube.

I think the site looks great. This one's a keeper.

I have to say that I'm really let down by the arcade fire record. It's not a bad record, but it just falls flat on its face after funeral. I know it's not fair to make that kind of comparison, but the songs sound almost like they could have been leftovers from funeral that weren't good enough for that record. No real change or growth in style. I'm sure this will end up being a heated debate, but I'd love to know what other people think.

Nice new minty green layout!

I heard a bit of the !!! in a record store today when, sounds pretty good, i'll have to check that out.

Will you be reviewing The Besnard Lakes and Grinderman too.

Looks very pleasant! I like it a lot. But please correct all the lower/uppercase letters in the Lists section. Looks pretty messed up! :P

i like. better than the yellow, for sure.

Good call on making the banner link back to the main page Peter. That's a pretty basic design feature of most sites. I'll try to get that fixed soon.

Good site design again. One of the many reasons I visit several times a week! Nice choice of colours. I like it a lot. Although it'll take a little whilst to get used to.

Definitely threw me for a loop this morning. Didn't have time to drink my tea, so this came as a nice wake me up surprise.

Anyways, looks very nice. My only request would be that you make the ACMR image a link back to the index page. I've never enjoyed hunting for the "news" button, plus I still have yet to make the connection of the news page as the index page for some reason...

Other than that, keep up the great work! Love the new combo of larger text/smaller comment boxes.

Hey everyone. I'm in Austin and will be here throughout SXSW. So, I was wondering if anyone would like to throw some names out at me of acts that I absolutely should not miss. I don't have a pass, but everyone plays shows outside of SXSW naturally...

I'll be making Do Make Say Think (love the review; spot on! I'm very happy with this release of theirs), The Twilight Sad, and Pameila Kurstin at the very least.

Just thought y'all could help me sift through the lists...thanks much!

I like it! Good job.
Thanks for reviewing !!! I haven't listened to them since their first album, which didn't blow me away. I am going to hunt this one down now.
Looking forward to your Arcade Fire review. It has grown on me quite a bit.

Wow, it's gorgeous. Definitely one of the best-looking music review sites out there. And, of course, best-written. Lovin' the !!!.