No reviews this week (March 22)

We started remodeling the kitchen in our house late last week, which meant many late nights removing cabinets, applying new coats of plaster, sanding, and painting.

This also means that unfortunately there will be no new reviews this week. Things are coming together in the kitchen, and I will definitely have new reviews next week, though (along with a couple other random bonus updates in the near future), so please stop back...

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I didn't realise it was out in different times. I know what you mean, so much music so little time. But the Grinderman album is worth getting for the first two tracks alone

It's not the Grinderman. I'm not sure about Europe, but that one doesn't come out in the United States until the 10th of April. I guess I could download it, but I'm already up to my ears in stuff and trying to slowly dig out.

I reckon the other review will be Grinderman??. I've read your Bad Seeds reviews so I know how much you like Nick Cave

John, I am with you - there is no question that the new Andrew Bird is simply great. Surprisingly one of my faves of the year.

I hope you like the Low album - definitely better than The Great Destroyer, a more modern/advanced take on their traditional format.
I'd also be interested to know your thoughts on Aidan Baker.
PS: The Resonant label has made the new Stafrænn Hákon album available for pre-order.

Oh, and I'm definitely planning on reviewing the Andrew Bird. It probably won't happen this Friday, but in the very near future anyway. Not being able to update last week put me in the hole a bit, but I should be able to stay in the groove now.

Nev, I'll definitely be posting pictures of the kitchen in my blog section at some point during in the near future. I've been taking lots of pictures of the progress, and work will hopefully be wrapping up sometime this week (thank goodness).

Review the new Andrew Bird please.! It has been reviewed as weaker version than Mysterious Production of Eggs, yet I think its way better!

I think you should provide photos of this kitchen to compensate for our lack of reviews this week.

Provided I can set aside a little time today and tomorrow, I plan on doing at least 6 reviews for next week as well as 3 podcasts.

I wasn't actually planning on getting the Modest Mouse in all honesty, but Elwin's recommendation (along with a couple other reviews I've read, plus Marr!) made me decided to pick it up.

Oh, and good calls on your guesses Matt, So far, the reviews are stacking up like Low, LCD Soundsystem, Panda Bear, Gui Boratto, Schneider TM, and ?

My wager is that Panda Bear's new one tops any Animal Collective's work (yeowzah!).

Matt B.
I imagine 4 of your 5 reviews will be Low, LCD Soundsystem, Panda Bear & Modest Mouse, yes?

Damn. I guess I'll have to go read Pitchfork or something like that...

And I'm really keen to know if you're going to review the new Panda Bear record. I'm very excited about this... I'm hoping it's going to equal the best of Animal Collective...

I'm very forward looking to your review of the new Modest Mouse album!
and good luck with remodeling!

greetings Elwin