Mar 29 Reviews / Who do you still want to see?

A good-sized batch of reviews and podcasts this week. I'm behind all the well-known sites due to the kitchen remodel, but hopefully I still have something interesting to say...

Topic this week (as always, feel free to talk about anything else as well) is bands that you haven't seen that you'd still like to.

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no, but i'll be seeing Slint perform "Spiderland"!

oh wait, I just noticed on the Pitchfork Fest site that the Friday date is just Sonic Youth for only $15.

fuck yeah, I'm really excited to see the SY show, but a little bummed that it's part of the Pitchfork Fest. I'm not into all that crap that's on the bill

Anyone going to see Sonic Youth do Daydream Nation? I'll be in Chicago for that in July.

I think one guy I would love to see is Nick Cave. Its only been in the last year that I've started getting into his music,a nd I have passed up the chance to see him in the past. Next time, though, I'll definitely be there

yeah I'm sure cat power is not precisely exciting to see live but Im madly in love with chan marshall... I've seen some recent videos of her performing live and also some old performances and they've really improved.

I'm going to see !!! live in about... 40 minutes... will let you know how it went. Bonne nuit!

That GYBE journal is from ages ago. The new song (at the time) was actually something from "Yanqui U.X.O." I obviously hadn't heard it at the time, because that was just around the release of "Lift Your Skinny Fists."

I saw Cat Power once and fell asleep it was so boring. I've heard she's gotten more exciting, though.

Out of curiosity I read your trip journal and I have to say Im pretty jealous - I wish I could see the pictures more clearly tho... it looks like someone kept pushing you around or maybe you were rocking hard while taking the pictures.

What was that new unknown song they played?

Ashamed to say the ones I want to see the most at the moment are very popular: Radiohead (i know by heart each and everyone of their songs), Cat Power, Devendra Banhart & Bjork. Would be amazing to see Gybe! or ASMZ live as well.

I'll add Fennesz to the list but will prolly get a chance to see him perform a live set with mike patton at the primaverasound festival in barcelona.

So glad you like Panda Bear. What a joy it is to listen to it. :)

I'm anxious to read your review of The Field's album. I really love it.

Also, have you heard the new album from Pantha du Prince? It's another microhouse album, and a rather good one at that. 2007 has been a rather good year for these kind of releases so far.

Just got Panda Bear in: love it! Though Bro's sounds considerably different on cd than on vinyl, but I new that coming in...I think the vinyl is supposed to be out sometime in the summer (hooray).

And you're right Aaron, I think godspeed is long gone from any further work. Same with NMH. I would really like to hear those two unreleased tracks "albanian" and "gamelan" on studio recordings. If you haven't heard either of those please go find them.

I did drive 12 hours to see Mt. Zion this last summer. Best show I've ever seen in my life. Sophie is who inspired me to even pick up a violin, so it was great to talk to her for a while. They also played this new song of theirs called "blind, blind, blind" which was utterly heart-stopping. Best I've heard in a while...

Oh, and I can't stop listening to The Field...ok rant's over!

Thanks for the recommendations. I'd sort of given up this genre after hearing acclaimed stuff like the Isolee record and finding it a little dull, but now I think I'll dive straight back in with The Field next week, and look into some of those you've named.

And I'm loving the Panda Bear so far. I knew I would.

end of April I'm going to Joanna Newsom, Do Make Say Think (3d time) and Built To Spill!

I've seen A Silver Mt Zion Live a couple of years ago, they were great! (talked with Efrim for half an hour, which was very inspiring)
Unfortunately did never see Godspeed.

I'd really love to see Andrew Bird live

Ow and a band everyone should see live is Calexico!
(saw them on their Salvaror Duran, Iron and Wine tour, which was insane!)

greetings Elwin

Chris: I actually saw Boards of Canada in London during the Warp 10 parties, and I have to say they were pretty amazing. They used a lot of blissed out visuals similar to that video off the last LP... I thought it was fairly wonderful and one of the highlights outside of Broadcast.

I don't do many live shows any more...but if I had to pull two bands out of retirement, it would be Jawbreaker and Elastica (and to a lesser extent, Cave In circa "Until Your Heart Stops").

At least those still releasing music, I am currently waiting for Qua to announce his US tour (and praying that Minneapolis/St. Paul is on the tour) along with fellow Auzzie Faux Pas. That would be a great pairing...

Beyond that, yeah, I don't really enjoy live shows anymore. I blame Sigur was all down hill after I saw them back in 2001 on their first US tour.

Oh to see The Boards of Canada. Might not be the most thrilling show...but just to see them live would be amazing.

Everyone below who missed Godspeed when they were around I feel for you. Wow. Amazing.

Other to see's: Fennesz, Arovane, Stars of the Lid or anyone on the Type roster basically.

To be honest, I don't follow Kompakt religiously. I don't have time to check out most of their singles, so I catch up on things with their Total compilations (which are pretty darn good for the most part) and try to pick out the single artist releases that I think I'll enjoy the most based on what I've heard about them.

I'd say that my favorites of the past couple years are the Mikkel Metal ('Victimizer') and Superpitcher ('Here Comes Love'). Of course, if you enjoy the Kompakt sorta sound, I think you'd also enjoy the Miwon ('Pale Glitter' on City Centre Offices) and the first Polmo Polpo ('The Science Of Breath' on Alien8).

I'm sure there are readers here who know way more about the label and like-minded stuff than I do, though, so hopefully they'll chime in.

Actually I really really like the Gui Boratto. I've obviously been a bit slow on the uptake with Kompakt records - could you suggest which their best releases to catch up with are? Thanks!

At least there is always A Silver Mt Zion, a wonderful live act

Well I went record shopping at lunchtime and picked up Gui Boratto and, amazingly, one of the record shops I go to had Panda Bear. Maybe they weren't meant to sell it till Monday, but they went down to the basement to bring one up for me. Listening to the Boratto, which is fantastic, at my desk at work, but saving Panda Bear till I get home. I'll be sure to let you know what I think...

There are planty of bands I'd love to see. Top of the list would be:
Acid Mothers Temple, Birchville Cat Motel/Black Boned Angel, Boris, Kraftwerk, Low, Stafrænn Hákon [LOVELY NEW ALBUM, by the way], Sunn O))), Wolf Eyes.

Apologies on the Gui Boratto podcast. I had it hooked up wrong in the database, so it was pointing to the wrong place. It's working now.

I think those below wanting to see GYBE will sadly have a difficult time doing so. They've never publicly stated that they broke up, but based on inactivity (and the final song released on the 'Songs Of The Silent Land' compilation, which was called "Outro"), I think we have maybe seen the last of them...

I once drove with a friend 10+ hours to see them. If you're _really_ bored, I wrote up a trip journal w/pictures at this address:

Sam, after you've heard the Panda Bear, come back here and let us know what you think of it.

Animal Collective are wonderful live. You get the sense that a rythmn could collapse at any time with during the gig and the three guys are crazy. Jose Gonzalez was due on after them, but "The Purple Bottle" ran on for nearly 30 mins, meaning he was late coming on. I've never seen so many bewildered looking people in my life!

Its got to be godspeed. Missed them in glasgow a couple of years ago when Mogwai joined them on stage at the end. I'd also love to see Fridge and Efterklang

Godspeed You Black Emperor. Just 6 months late getting into them :'(. If they ever end their hiatus i'll travel pretty much anywhere in the UK to see them - which I wouldn't do for any other band.

I'm now looking forward to Panda Bear more than any album in recent memory. It's not released in the UK till Monday, but having read raves all over the web I've been getting very excited. I always think your reviews are the least prone to hyperbole, so I waited with bated breath to see whether you considered it as good as everyone else does. Now I know you do, I'll probably get up especially early on Monday to go and buy it. Thanks for making my day!

What a great year for music this is shaping up to be - far more interesting than last year as far as I'm concerned. Maybe it's that since I've stopped downloading, it's much easier to get worked up about new stuff.

Oh, and I tried to listen to the Gui Boratto podcast, but the link seemed to go the Explosions in the Sky record...

Elwin: agreed. "Bro's" definitely has that pulsating that Mr. Perri captures so well. Those two are getting lots of time on the turntable lately...I don't think I've ever wanted to dance so much in my life.

Glad you like The Field, looking forward to what you have to say about it.

Panda Bear review is right on Aaron!

And 'Bro's' is a one of a kind song, it has momentum that reminds me of polmo polpo's 'kiss me again and again'
but I like this one even more!!

*ps: Modest Mouse maybe next week hihi?

I have heard The Field and it's awesome. I'll be reviewing it in the very near future. Along with the Boratto, Kompakt is off to a killer start this year so far.

Oh, and The Field album is on Kompakt as that I think about it.

I'm also seeing Animal Collective pretty soon (sometime in May) and am looking forward to it. I've heard mixed things about their live stuff, should be interesting if nothing else. Though it will probably be quite good; would have really liked to catch them when they were playing the sung tongs stuff.

And as a side fantasy note, I'd really like to see godspeed and neutral milk hotel play! However, I just don't see that happening...ever :P

Oh, and Aaron, have you heard that new album by The Field? "From Here We Go Sublime": just started listening but it's pretty cool in a hypnotic sort of way...and really like the reviews this week! Thursday nights are something I sincerely look forward to.

I bring this up as a topic because in the next couple months, I'll be seeing both Animal Collective and Tortoise, two bands that I've wanted to see for awhile, but have yet to actually watch in person. I'm also planning on seeing Andrew Bird, which should be a lot of fun as well.