Apr 5 Reviews / 2007 is kicking ass

Is it just me, or is 2007 already turning out to be better than 2006 in terms of great albums? Maybe it was just a personal indifference for me, but it seems like this year has already produced a ton of great releases, with many, many more on the near horizon.

I know it seems like I've said this before already recently, but I haven't felt this excited about music in some time. Anyone else think the same thing or am I crazy?

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Hmmm...I really really like that song. Too bad it's not on the full length...

That one was "But When She Left, Gone Was The Glow." It's the best song on the EP that's _not_ on teh full length.

Aaron, quick question: what was the title of that Twilight Sad song that you put on your end-of-the-year mix? Just curious...

2006 was a monster year for me. Over 100 solid releases at least. 2007 is going okay. Nothing's completely floored me, but a lot of solid stuff. You've reviewed a lot of my favorites from this year so far.

Yes Amiina released their first full-length CD about 3 weeks ago. Check out their website as it might be difficult to get through normal channels. It's as magical as all their music.
No-one has mentioned the new Loney, Dear album Noir, which I've enjoyed immensely; need to buy a copy when it's released here in a couple of weeks!!

"Did a *NEW* amiina come out recently?" I meant...

Now that you mention it the new dmst is quite a great comeback. I was listening to it last night and I was continually waiting for another great segment to come up. One after the other...I'm really impressed that they've really done it again.

Panda bear is somewhat the same way, though I feel I can relate more with the dmst release. Forgot about the Battles release as well...don't if I'm 100% on them just yet though.

Also, did amiina come out recently? Aaron had mentioned that down there...

And I'm going to check out this Marissa Nadler sir Elwin, I'll be sure to tell you what I think!

looking forward to reading your opinions on Ben Frost. The track "We Love You Michael Gira" is worth it, alone. You should defintely check it out Gungadin

Yay! hehehe :)

btw Aaron I was thinking, the DMST album was quite a comeback, as was 'Meadowlands' from The Wrens (that was like a 10 year hiatus.
So maybe a cool idea for a topic?
Greatest comeback album?

I'll review the Modest Mouse just for you Elwin. :)

As has been for the past month or so, I'm crazy swamped with stuff, so I'm trying to get to the stuff I enjoy more. That will probably mean more 7's and 8's or so ratings rather than 5's, as those lower ones simply won't find their way into the review queue unless I start writing 10 reviews a week (which likely won't happen).

"several others" ... MM? ;)

Sorry about The Field podcast. I just realized that it was completely messed-up, so I re-uploaded it with the changes and fixed things.

If all goes as planned, I should have reviews for the Ben Frost, Circle, and several others (obviously) in the next couple weeks.

Marissa Nadler anyone?
The electric guitar work her on new album is astonishing and songs like 'Feathers' and 'Bird On Your Grave' are just absolutely gorgeous

Oh, and regarding the SOTL, it doesn't really do a whole lot for me. Zzzzz. Not nearly what The Dead Texan did for me at least.

There have been a lot of strong releases/leaks this year, almost equal to last year already. But at the same time there have been far too many disappointments (I won't list them all here).

Ditto what Mike said about the greatness of Battles, Panda Bear, Arcade Fire, DMST, The Berg Sans Nipple, Circle, and Fridge.

And i'd add Studio, Colleen and Amiina to that list.

Michael, I've heard great things about that Ben Frost album. I guess I should finally listen for meself. I know this is a bit leftfield for the AC crowd but I've been totally mesmermized by the Kawabata Makoto/Anla Courtis/Rokugenkin collaboration LP. It kind of sounds like a guitar trio doing an early Tangerine Dream album. My pick for the year's best so far. Also, that Svarte Greiner record on Type is blowing my mind too, though it was released late last year (I'm always a bit behind on these things).

David D
I think this year has been ace. The release schedule is insane, every month I see a band who are in my top xx list. And I know i've also got the yearly Sufjan release, etc to look forward to too.
My favourite album of the year so far? Too close to say currently I think!

This has been an exciting year thus far. Although a lot of the releases that are getting others excited haven't been doing it for me (Panda Bear, Low etc). The best albums I've heard so far is "Time Is On My Side" by Tobias Lilja or "Theory Of Machines" by Ben Frost, but I'm still waiting on that Radiohead album!.

You are correct, I've never reviewed Bloc Party. I had their first album for awhile and liked a couple songs, but the album felt _way_ too long and just didn't hold up for me at all. Their second one grabbed me even less...

Interesting the people below who feel that the SOTL is more of the same old, same old. I consider myself to listen to a fair amount of ambient music (both new and old) and to me their stuff seems fairly unique. I think it has some things in common with different artists on the Kranky label (mainly the side projects from the members themselves, plus maybe a little Labradford), but feels alternately a bit more foreboding and powerful than most of the other modern ambient stuff I hear.

I still loves me some Eno and even Tangerine Dream (Rubycon + Phaedra), though. :)

Matt B.
I like Eluvium, Panda Bear, LCD Soundsystem, Stars Of The Lid, Low, Fujiya & Miyagi (domestic 2007), Arcade Fire, Peter Bjorn & John (domestic 2007) and Clinic (domestic 2007) so far this year, so yes, I agree.

One album this year I was pretty disappointed in was Bloc Party and upon inspecting the B's, am I crazy or have you never reviewed a single Bloc Party release?

my excitement comes and goes in waves. some weeks i'm totally jazzed on a bunch of stuff, other weeks i'm tired of everything. i have been consistently excited about deerhunter since "cryptograms" came out at the start of the year and i will probably see them in kansas city tomorrow. huzzah.

i feel like the only person who really isn't impressed by that field album. i've given it a few listens and it just doesn't do the trick for me. which is strange because i totally love the panda bear album and i think the general "vibe" of both albums is at least kind of similar.

i have not gotten a chance to listen to the new sotl but am dying to.

I agree with Gungadin, I think Kranky keeps on releasing the same ambient record over and over again. Really, do we need another SOTL album? I really love ambient music but this album is retread Compu-strings crap. I'm going back to my 70's albums for my ambient fix.

mike jones
yeah, i definitely agree. there have been a lot of releases i've found myself really getting into a lot already. so much so that i've been almost ignoring some albums that i would normally be giving a good number of spins.
so far: battles, panda bear, arcade fire, dmst, the berg sans nipple, stars of the lid, menomena, of montreal, feist, the clientele, black moth super rainbow, !!!, lcd soundsystem, circle, and fridge.
seems like 2007 has already come close to matching the number of great records that were released in 2006. i don't know how i'm gonna make time for any other new releases that come out the rest of the year!
that said, i'm still really looking forward to a handful of others that are expected.

ok 2007 thus far in my opinion (well you asked for it...sorry!)
SOTL = saccarine neo-classical drivel
Odawas = the sublime
Grouper = heavenly
Jesu = mind-meltingly good
DMST = same shit, different cover art
Low = fun for a few spins
Arcade Fire = yawn
Panda Bear = is this a Pet Sounds remix album?

...what a dick.

2007 is absolutely kicking ass so far. It's probably the first year in about three that I've been more interested in picking up new releases than researching the back catalogues of artists I already know.

Great to see another Glasgow act getting your seal of approval. I haven't got The Twilight Sad yet, but I will. I haven't seen a band review yet. I'll also be seeing them live during Scotland's Triptych Festival.

I agree with Aaron, hopefully the rest of the year won't be a letdown, with such a great start.
For me, DMST really helms it thusfar, in my humble opinion, with their second-best album alongside & Yet & Yet
Lots of other already loved bands with great new albums feels very comforting!

ps: The New Marissa Nadler album is gorgeous too btw.

The Field has started this year off pretty nicely. Very good release that's new and from a genre (whatever it may be) that I really don't dip my toes into that often. In saying that I continue to have a huge smile on my face every time I listen to some of "From here we go sublime"; a fresh a great start.

I also haven't listened to albums nearly as continuously as the new dmst or panda bear, both of which I'm totally overly-satisfied with.

So...no, I don't think you're crazy at all :P I certainly agree with the sentiment (not to mention that Polmo Polpo is supposed to be coming out with something in the Fall I hear (yay)).

Maybe it's because you never listened to one of 2006's best CD's - Yellow House form Grizzly Bear :)

I partially agree, but I'm more inclined to say that the high profile releases this year from bands I already like are managing to put out follow-ups that don't disappoint. So while I'm swimming in music that I love from artists that I love, I'm not really getting hit over the head by any breakout artists, which is part of the joy of the hunt as well. Maybe it's that I'm not looking hard enough, but all the same, I don't really like to slag a year just because it didn't have as many consensus "great" albums, because I don't think that just because Radiohead or Arcade Fire made a great album that that makes it better than a great album by, say, Chris Clark or Subtle. That being said, I could pretty much listen to the new Blonde Redhead and SOTL on a loop forever and ever and never tire of them. Anyway, that's my two cents.

(Wow, that was unnecessarily long.)