Nov 3rd Free For All / What's Your Favorite Sexy Record?

6 new reviews again this week. Feel free to comment on any of them, or not.

As suggested by a reader (thanks Moka), this week the question relates to albums that put you in the *ahem* mood (or albums you listen to when you're in the mood). What are your favorite sexy albums?

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Trip-hop is a bit too dark for this...I agree with whoever said Air's Moon Safari

Did someone forget Goldfrapp?

Orange Pekoe - Organic Plastic Music
Punch Drunk Love Soundtrack (when in playful mood)
Lost in translation soundtrack
Sigur Ros - ()

lost in translation soundtrack
love in the time of science - emiliana torrini

Lydia Lunch - Champaigne,Cocaine...EP
sleazy & dirty

the junior boys' last exit makes me want to get it on, but there's something extra special about interchanges '54 by dave brubeck

Maybe it's cliche but "moon safari" makes it for me, sounds like a porn flick. I've heard Spain, Moka, untitled 1 is a sexy song :)

I'm surprised you've never reviewed them but Blue October's "History for Sale" has some of the sexiest songs ever. It's an older album but some things never get old. I do skip a few of their songs from the album pretty regularly but, boy, ... is that ever the album for me!

I don't know if anyone else has heard them but Spain's "the blue moods of spain" is kind of sexy (specially the "untitled #1" song. I say it's "kind of" because it's jazzy but it gets slow and melancholic at some points.

Black rebel motorcycle club....gun that engine. Al stewart for something a little more meaningful.

Yume Bitsu - The Golden Vessyl of Sound...


Russell Scott
Charles Webster - Born on the 24th of July
Presence - All Systems Down (use the same female volcaist as on Massive Attack albums)
Blue Six - Beautiful Tomorrow
all three of these work quite well, offer a selection,
provide for circumstance, and allow for mood

The classics, marvin gaye, stevie wonder.

massive attack but blue lines not mezzanine.

air's moon safari et premiers symptomes, and the kills-keep on your mean side.

I really like the album "Crooked Ceilings" by The Roots of Orchis. It could probably get thrown in with stuff like Mezzanine or Dummy, but it's more agressive sounding I think.

I'll agree, "Mezzanine" is great for this. And I'll go for Sigur Ros -"Agaetis Byrjun" - I've tried this twice and it works, specially Svefn-g-englar, but it depends on the mood.

As well as Portishead's "Dummy", Lucky Pierre's "Hypnogogia" has had positive effects.
"Dummy" also got played while my wife was in labour with our son, although "Chori's Bundle" by The James Orr Complex was the most successful selection.

Peace Orchestra (Peter Kruder)

Spinning Plate
Depeche mode - Violator, or almost anything by DM.

Agree with Mezzanine.

Jeffrey dale
sigur ros (),--it's like a soundtrack to pacing yourself to an ultimate climax and back down again.

Mark Hollis "Mark Hollis" (well, at least the first 3 tracks, hehe)


and yeah, trip-hop, of course.

but for some reason, i'm going to have to go with echo & the bunnymen.

I've always found Seefeel's "Quique" to be quite sensual.

hmmmm, i think coil "love's secret domain" which was one of the records that an ex of mine and i used to use for such carnal pleasures... and chris and cosey's "songs of love and lust" which has been used on more than one occasion.

Hehe...usually I prefer the ambient soundscapes of the "female participant" in the scene of the sex crime, but just for the sake of it I would probably use something like Craig Armstrong, Barry White, Army Of Lovers (not the happy/dancey stuff), Prince, Pornorama and soundtracks from typical x-rated movies like Emmanuelle (Serge Gainsbourg).

almost anything by the sea and cake/ sam prekop

I'm going to second "Mezzanine". Others...

Sunny Day Real Estate - "How It Feels To Be Something On

Yo La Tengo - "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out"

TV On The Radio - "Young Liars EP"

I'm sure that I'm going to steal someone's choice right off the bat, but I'm going to have to say either album from Portishead ("Dummy" or self-titled) or Massive Attack - "Mezzanine." Nothing like the slinky trip-hop to make me say growwwwwl.