Apr 12 Reviews / The countdown begins (soon)

For some time now I've meant to have some sort of big deal thingy when I hit the 2000th review on this site, but I don't think that it's going to be too crazy. I'm forseeing some CD giveaways and downloadable mixes and stuff like that.

So, stay tuned.

Also, feel free to shoot the shit about whatever.

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Don't feel bad about closing older topics. As long as they keep the spambots away and they're still open for reading only then I'm perfectly fine with it.

Can anyone tell me about "Circle" and in particular their album "Miljard". I have been hearing mixed things, but would love to hear anything from all of you.

Well, the main reason is because I haven't figured out a solution to properly manage the amount of spam comments that I get. If I shut down the commenting after two weeks, it's easier to keep track of things.

You may have seen random spam comments that get through and sit on here for a day or so before, but I can't imagine what it would be like if I had to monitor all those back threads as well.

This is the main reason that I haven't opened up commenting on all the reviews as well (something I'd like to do eventually). There's just so much freaking spam bots out there that they pretty much destroy a thread unless you're running it through some sort of filtering system or unless I set the site up as some sort of deal where only people with registered usernames could comment.

Any suggestions?

hehe, great topic yeah.
Hey Aaron what's the reason you close topics?
Sometimes it's nice reading older ones and sometimes I'd like to post on them but then they're closed.

Greetings Elwin

Yup, we did go over that one about a year ago and it made for a lively and fun discussion...


I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask again at some point, but I'll hold off for a little while.

Did you not ask this about a year ago Aaron?

Well...that could be quite entertaining indeed. I second the guilty-pleasure idea!

You know, for a question sometime soon. You need to ask everyone that reads your reviews what their guilty pleasure band/bands are. And it's gotta be someone you'd truly be embarrased for everyone who reads here to know you like!

Hey Aaron!!

Great reviews and very cool you reviewed the new Modest Mouse album!

I agreed very much on Parting Of The Sensories and Spitting Venom being standouts, the other ones I really like are Florida, Fly Trapped In a Jar, Invisible and Fire It Up.

I agreed on the lesser ones, but found the album to be a very divers and energetic one with gorgeous melodies and hooks!

I'd rate it 7.75

Marr was a very welcome and adding element.
The guitarwork was so lush! :D

I saw holy fuck open for do make say think last week and they're much better live than on record. DMST were amazing though. Their records are fantastic but they'll destroy you live.

Also, I saw The Black Angels the following night. Anyone here listen to them? They have a unique, but hard to describe sound. I'd like to see them reviewed here.

I don't like Andrew Bird.

I saw Holy Fuck in Toronto in 2005 and they were impressive. So i bought their cd that night, which turned out to be rather boring, so the 6.5 score doesnt surprise me

my cat is looking out the window.

Finally Friday! =)

i like andrew bird.