Apr 26 Reviews / Mix #2

The countdown to #2000 continues this week with part two in a series of five mixes that I've put together. Things pick up a bit more this week, and will continue to do so until the final mix is posted.

As the routine goes... (paste the following link into your browser)
http://www.almostcool.org/test/2kmix02.m4a (54 mb)

Remember to check back into this thread at Noon Central Standard Time (that's minus 6 GMT) on Friday, April 27th for the second contest question to win yourself a nice new shiny CD. :)

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My copy of Big Science just arrived and I'm really enjoying it - another great find based on your site. Let X=X is a stand-out.

I plan on getting to the Efterklang either a week from this Friday or a week after that.

Thanks for the comments on the site. It's been a great year for music and it makes writing reviews much easier when that happens.

Good site! I'm checking it every week for new spot-on reviews! Just wondering if you were planning to review "Under Giant Trees" by Efterklang?

Thanks for catching that spelling error. Not sure how I came up with "Avery," but I fixed it within the review.

Loving the mixes. A few bands I know and like well, and a couple more to add to that ever growing list of artists search out and listen to some more. Thanks!

Btw, I believe it is Avey, not Avery, Tare.

you can check it on MySpace as well http://www.myspace.com/windmillband

Aaron, you need to check out & review Windmill debut on Melodic. it'd score at least 7.75 in your conservative scale :-) my top3 indie release this year (so far)

Thanks for the mixes. I'm really enjoying them so far. Some definite eye-openers among them, but most of all, the songs in both mixes work really well together.

It is pretty spooky that 9/11 connection. I've already read loads today about Anderson and this song, and placed it within some contexts (the New York avant-garde etc), but I'll never forget when I first heard it early this morning after a disturbed night's sleep, trickling out of Can's Dizzy Dizzy, and was completely struck by how minimal, strange and unique it sounded. Can't believe it reached No. 2 in the UK charts!

Both mixes have unearthed some real gems for me so far - hopes are high for the next ones!

No problem. It's understandable that Kranky was a popular choice. I could see them taking the top spot in the next year and a half or so, depending on how things go down.

Again, thanks to everyone who entered. Has anyone else downloaded the mix?

Wow what terrible timing...(!)

Damnit, I didn't see that someone already guessed that! Haha. Or everyone at first...geez.

Then is it Sub Pop maybe? They've been around sometime...sorry for the second guessing!

Apefar, you got it.

The top five labels and number of reviews are:

Matador: 64
Warp: 55
Kranky: 50
Domino: 45
Temporary Residence/Constellation (tie): 37

Drop me an email through the contact email on my FAQ page and please specify which CD listed below that you want.

Thanks to everyone who played. Check back next week for another contest (and mix!).


Surely...haha, maybe not, but I sure hope so!

Fat Cat?


Maybe Warp?

None of those are correct yet, although a couple of those labels are certainly growing in terms of how many I've reviewed.


i take it back how bout kompakt


I say Kranky.

i am gonna go out on a limb and say kranky



Rune Grammofon?

The question for this week (to win one of the following CDs) is:

What record label have I reviewed the most CDs for?

First person to answer that question correctly in this thread wins their choice of the following CDs...

Talking Heads - "Remain In Light"
Steve Reich - "Music For 18 Musicians"
Aphex Twin - "Richard D James Album"
Henryk Gorecki - "Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)"

I really want to dig out my old subpop albums now! Good stuff on Thee More Shallows. What great band they are. "Night At The Knight School", "White Mask" and "Dutch Fist" have got to be amongst the catchiest tunes written this year!

Oh, and Lee, thanks a bunch for pointing out the information on Postal Service. For some reason I was thinking there was a higher seller, and you're indeed right on "Bleach." Can't believe I forgot that one.

I would highly, highly recommend getting "Big Science" by Laurie Anderson. There's one or two tracks that aren't quite as good, but it's an amazing album overall, and easily my favorite of hers.

To put it in a different mindset, listen to "O Superman" and think about it in regards to 9/11. It obviously came out nearly 20 years before that happened, but it makes the song (and several other songs on that same album, really) much more eerie.

Also, the variety in mixes is exactly what I had in mind. Actually, I was hoping for one mix to drift directly into the next, so that over the course of five weeks, it gets a bit louder and faster with each mix. I think it'll make more sense once you've heard them all.

Another really amazing mix. A few things I already love (The Books, Steve Reich, Can), but mainly new to me. I really like the second track, and have fallen in love with the Laurie Anderson - which I'd never heard before. Can't believe it's from 1982. Would you recommend a purchase of that Big Science album, or anything else by her? That song is so wonderful - sublimely sad and silly.

Thanks for another top mix. I'm interested in what themes you're working with. Last week's seemed to be all rather chilled out, this week there's a lot of strings going on - is this what you had in mind?

Long-time listener, first-time caller... love the show. Just a quibble, re your Dntel review. Postal Service isn't Sub Pop's biggest ever, Nirvana's Bleach was almost double platinum.

As last week, here's the tracklisting for those who might not be able to view it (please listen to it straight through, though, it's much better that way).

"Dachziegelkauer" - Bodenstandig 2000 (Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3)
"Hana" - Asa Chang And Jun Ray (Jun Ray Song Chang)
"Dizzy Dizzy" - Can (Soon Over Babaluma)
"O Superman (For Massenet)" - Laurie Anderson (Big Science)
"An Animated Description Of Mr. Maps" - The Books (Lost And Safe)
"8-Bitarspolskan" - Sagor & Swing (Orgelplaneten)
"Still with me" - Balanescu Quartet (Luminitza)
"Bi Lamban" - Toumani Diabaté & Ballake Sissoko (New Ancient Strings)
"Frone Taj" - Sonna (Smile And The World Smiles With You)
"Electric Counterpoint - 2. Slow" - Steve Reich (Different Trains/Electric Counterpoint)
"Johnson: Cold War Suite - 1. Lawless Things" - Kronos Quartet (Howl, U.S.A.)
"Dogma, Africana, And Math Folk One" - Encre (Akora EP)