May 3 Reviews / Mix #3

The countdown to #2000 continues this week with part three in a series of five mixes that I've put together. There's another slight change in pace this week, with possibly the most accessible mix of the entire batch. Hopefully there's still some things to discover in it.

As the routine goes... (paste the following link into your browser)
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I still have three contests left, but I'm going to have to hold off until tomorrow evening (May 4th) at 5:30 p.m. central time (-6 GMT) to run the one for this week. Download the mix, give it a listen, and check back then!

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I would say that for the Cocteau Twins, a great overview are both of their "Lullabies To Violane" compilation releases. It's a cheap way to get a great overview of their music during their whole career, and once you hear a particular era that you like from them, you can then jump off in that general vicinity with some of their albums from the same time period.

As far as the Shelleyan Orphan, I think that "Helleborine" is out of print, but it can be found, as can be the others.

Thanks, I remember your very positive review of Helleborine - I didn't follow it up at the time, but am going to try and get a copy now. Just been round the four best record shops in central London and couldn't find it anywhere though - will try to get it online.

I'm a bit too young to have been into this British dreampop stuff first time around, but this Shelleyan Orphan track and the This Mortal Coil song you put on the first mix have inspired me to delve into it. I've not really given the Cocteau Twins their due yet, as wasn't sure where to start.

Yeah, it was a little harder mix to make, but the main goal is hopefully helping people discover something they haven't heard before.

Speaking of which, definitely check out Shelleyan Orhan. I reviewed their "Helleborine" release on my site awhile back (with podcast) and I would recommend that one most. If you enjoy that one, follow it up with "Century Flower" and possibly "Humroot" (although the latter is their most inconsistent).

Another enjoyable mix - perhaps less cohesive than the previous two because it is mainly proper songs rather than instrumentals, but a great collection to listen to. Mostly stuff I already knew, but I'm inspired to track down some Shelleyan Orphan now...

I agree with what you are saying almostcool, but the current 'mainstream' music media in the uk is shocking, To be honest is see no difference vetween the klaxons and justin timberlake. Both artists get all of the airplay, all of the column inches and all of the praise. Yet they only sell 200,000 copies of thir albums. So that shows that the majority in the uk is not beng catereed for

Oh, and since I haven't posted it yet, here's the tracklisting for Mix#3:

"Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" Spiritualized (Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space)
"Come Wind Come Rain" - Vashti Bunyan (Just Another Diamond Day)
"Fake Palindromes" - Andrew Bird (Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production Of Eggs)
"Keeping Up" Arthur Russell (Another Thought)
"Aikea-Guinea [Alternate Version]" - Cocteau Twins (Lullabies To Violaine (Disc 1)z0
"Hanky Panky Nohow" - John Cale (Paris 1919)
"Stretch Out And Wait" - The Smiths (Louder Than Bombs)
"Thistles And Felt" - Caribou (Up In Flames Special Edition)
"Sissexa" - Antena (Camino Del Sol)
"The Sad Skinhead" - Faust (Faust IV)
"Open Up The Gate" - The Congos (Heart Of The Congos)
"You Haven't Done Nothin" - Stevie Wonder (Fulfillingness' First Finale)
"Summer Flies" - Shelleyan Orphan (Century Flower)
"I Want Her She Wants Me" - The Zombies (Odessey & Oracle)
"Me And The Major" - Belle & Sebastian (If You're Feeling Sinister)
"Fine Time" - New Order (Technique)
"The Great Curve" - Talking Heads (Remain In Light)
"Cakes" - Max Tundra (Some Best Friend You Turned Out to Be)

I think it's probably easy for me to be more impartial towards them because I don't read music magazines and although I do admit being a fan of great artwork (and theirs is butt-ugly), I can usually look past it if the music is good. I'm sure if I lived in the UK and they were being shoved down my throat it would be a different story, but it seems like they've barely made a blip over here in the U.S. so far.

I'm not saying they're groundbreaking (and their "nu rave" title is a pretty awful name), but I really do think their music is pretty fun. It's not going to make my year-end list or anything, but there's much worse music you could throw on when you want some dumb fun.

I cannot stand the Klaxons either, ever since I heard the horrible "Gravity's Rainbow" I've had a distaste for them. Aside from their music, their band name is bad, the cd cover is ugly, and they dress stupid.

I don't know, it's very hard for me to be impartial and look at this group objectively. They've just made my stomach turn a little too many times.


Guess everyone is busy on a Friday night.

Andrew, you ended up being closest to the actual number, which is 2108.

Drop me an email via the address on my FAQ page and let me know which of the CDs you're interested in.

Oh, and I never got to say anything about the reviews last week. Just wanted to say that I'm not sure that I understand why there is such disappointment with the Avey Tare album. Maybe it's that I went in with very little expectations (though I did know the gist of the album) perhaps, because I kind of enjoyed it and wasn't annoyed at all.

However, I haven't heard the reversed version, and I guess it could be irritating as to what it *could* have been, since of course it could have been quite good. I don't know...just wanted to throw that in! Hope I'm right about the reviews!



1,590. I just KNOW I'm right on this ;)

lol sorry honesty didnt see your answer before i wrote that

hmmm....educated guess... 1748

I'll go with the nice round number of 1,719 comments.

The question for this week is a little different. I'm going to leave it open for 2 hours and take the closest guess for the winner.

Question is: How many comments have been posted on the site since I started allowing them 19 months ago (the responses in this thread won't count)?

One guess per person please. I'll check back around 7:30 or 8:00 pm and give the answer then.

Oh yeah, the prize CDs still available are:

Talking Heads - "Remain In Light"
Aphex Twin - "Richard D James Album"
Henryk Gorecki - "Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)"

I really can't stand the Klaxons, they are just an NME fad in my opinion. They are trying to get a new scene going here in the UK, with the awful title of New Rave. The Klaxons are the band they like to champion

Sorry I forgot to post a tracklisting for the mix. I'll do that tonight as well...

Any thoughts or discoveries (or disses for my reviews)?