May 10 Reviews / Mix #4

Another week, another mix. This one is part four in a series of five and finds another dramatic shift taking place.

Here it is (paste the following link into your browser)
(55 mb)

The fourth contest is a running one, with the winner to be decided at noon on Friday. Check inside the thread for the question (and to see which CDs are still available). As usual, feel free to comment on the reviews of the week, or the mix.

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I have to say thanks for the mixes again! They are all very well crafted, and I'm eagerly awaiting the last one.

If you don't have a busy schedule for upcoming reviews already, would you perhaps look into the new mini-album by Hans Appelqvist? It's right at the top on the current Dotshop chart and it's a strange little thing.

(I could help with lyrics/song title translations since they are in Swedish)

Yeah, I saw some info about the new Mum album. I'll probably get it, but each successive album has been slightly more disappointing.

Did anyone know about the new mum album coming out this year? Apparently it's entitled "go go smear the poison ivy, let your crooked hands be holy"...just found out about it so I thought I'd throw it out there. Also, here's a good article from stylus:

1 - 873 artists reviewed??
2 - nice to see a Part Chimp review. I've seen them 3 times, and they've never disappointed me - stunning.

Really great mix. Inspired to check out some more Venetian Snares now, and that Art Blakey track sounds exactly like what you imagine a night in Tunisia to sound like. A good mix of jazz, drill n' bass and hip hop.

Will you be reviewing the Dan Deacon album at some point? Listening to a few tracks on his Myspace suggests it could be worth the hype... Sort of taps into that glorious ravey feel of that first track on your second mix... (Bodenstandig 2000)

Thanks for the comments on the mix Lynne. The tracklisting is:

"Horizontal Hold" - This Heat (This Heat)
"Vitamin C" - Can (Ege Bamyasi)
"Slippi" - Animal Collective (Here Comes The Indian)
"Heavy Artillery" - Mr. Lif (Emergency Rations EP)
"A Night In Tunisia" - Art Blakey (A Night in Tunisia)
"Welcome To The Terrordome" - Public Enemy (Fear Of A Black Planet)
"A Night at the Nufonia" - Kid Koala (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
"Dance Like You're Selling Nails" - Venetian Snares (Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972-2006)
"4" - Aphex Twin (Richard D. James Album)
"Yellow Rose of Brooklyn" - Buddy Rich And Sweets Edison (Buddy and Sweets)
"3.41" - Plug (Drum 'n' Bass For Papa)
"Four Ton Mantis" - Amon Tobin (Supermodified)

The new Efterklang EP is amazing!

reviews as ever are great1

part chimp are awesome, havent seen them live, but remember their 1st incarnation, Ligament. Excellent band.

jon, i've heard the efterklang ep, it's tremendous. I am so looking forward to the new album. There is something special happening there

This is my favorite mix so far...
Would love a track listing when you have time.
Thanks so much for these!

I guess I was trying to say that it's really quite good...haha.

And I agree with Elwin, dmst are absolutely amazing live. I caught them for the second time when they opened for BSS but missed them at SXSW (damnit all). Hopefully they'll make it by again sometime soon; the new album is ineffably amazing.

And, as always, the reviews look good and the mixes are *much* appreciated. Thanks Aaron!

Ok, has anyone heard the new efterklang album? At times I feel like it's just a mix of the best parts of some of the very best acts around: some of it really does sound like a crazy hybrid mix of sigur ros/mum ("yesterday was dramatic" era :P) and the processed stuff reminds me of a certain O.Lamm track.

However, I guess having those immediate comparisons isn't necessarily a bad thing...listening again I think it really might be THAT good! Maybe I just don't want to believe it or something...for some reason...I'm confused.

I'm not sure if it was intentional or not (maybe you just both _really_ love the number), but both Jean-Rene and Andy were closest with the guess of 1314.

The actual total number of artists I've reviewed is 1321.

Both of you should contact me via the email on my FAQ page and we'll sort something out with the remaining discs. I might have to find something else to give out next week now, though... :)

Thanks to everyone who entered a guess. Feel free to keep shooting the crap in here about whatever.


Jean-Rene Sylvestre
1314 artists and counting...

ps 2: I meant 'artists' not 'albums'

Ryan Dee
I'll bid $1, Bob.

1425 artists

My guess for the contest is 928

My answer is 1150

In reference to the 65DOS review, I saw them last week during the Triptych Festival. When they started their set, my jaw hit the floor. The drummer was incredible and the rythmns and timing impeccable. Towards the end though, I was starting to feel a little tired. I think i was just over-whelmed by everything that was going on. I agree, they lack variety and this was partly to blame for my tiredness. I think they try to cram too much into each song, nothing is ever simple and I think their music suffers for that


I'll try 1234

I'll throw out 1111, just cos it's a nice number...

ps: 1554 albums (for the contest)

Yes I saw DMST for the third time last weekend, their show was massive and very impressive!
They played a lot! of songs, almost all songs from the new album and 5 big ones from Winter Hymn.. and even some &Yet&Yet and Goodbye Enemy Airship!

The new Patrick Wolf album is great too, I loved your review Aaron.
BTW I really hope Patrick doesnt quit music like he mentioned...

I'd have to guess that you've reviewed 999 different artists.

BTW, a month or two ago, I saw DMST in Vancouver - excellent show. Quit intense with dual drummers. Highly recommended.

i love the patrick wolf. he beat his drummer onstage at one of his new york shows.. plus his violinist is really gorgeous. yeah that magpie song is a bit too bizarre. but definately one of my favorite records of the year.


Interesting reviews this week. Interesting enough that I am now downloading Skeletons and the Kings of all Cities from emusic. I have to say though, that Patrick Wolf's occasional melodramatic flourishes push me over. Perhaps I just need to edit out the tracks that are too much, because he does have a few brilliant songs in there.
Oh, and number of artists....1314


Okay, the question for the week is:

How many different artists have I reviewed on this site?

Closest answer by noon (just make your guess in this thread) on Friday, May 11 wins. One guess per person please...

The CDs that are still available in the contest are:

Aphex Twin - "Richard D James Album"
Henryk Gorecki - "Symphony No. 3 (Symphony of Sorrowful Songs)"