Mar 17 Reviews / Mix #5 (and 2000!)

I officially posted my 2000th review on the site this evening. Sometimes I feel like an idiot, but hopefully some of you who read this site have discovered something new because of it.

I also uploaded the fifth and final mix for download. It is here:
(57 mb)

The fifth and final contest is a running one, with the winner to be decided at noon on Friday. Check inside the thread for the question.

As usual, feel free to comment on the reviews of the week or the mix. Oh, and thanks for reading the site.

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The chances are very, very high... :)

Any chance we'll get to see your opinion of The Battles new CD this week?

Thanks again for the mix and all the reviews through the years.
I had forgotten how much I loved Lullaby For The Working Class!

I got hold of the fennesz sakamoto ting this week, and I was a little disappointed too. It kinda falls between two stools for me - not lovely enough to be blissed out gorgeous drifty ambient and not gritty enough to get your teeth into as a noise record. As I'm a sucker for blissed out, I was hoping for the former, and it's more this way than I was expecting, but not as much as I'd hoped.

I read an interview with Panda Bear (somewhere) and he said he basically took song snippets straight from i-tunes. But don't quote me on that.

Wow, my guess was terribly off I was!

by the way, does anyone know the source of the samples use by Panda Bear in Person Pitch? - Or how heavily constructed with sample the record is?

For me the release keeps getting fresher everytime I hear it. Thanks

Congrats on 2000! Thanks for all your efforts Aaron - Three Cheers! You've certainly turned me on to countless great material over the past couple of years that I know I wouldn't have come acros otherwise. For me, more than anything else, your reviews hold tremendous credibility and fairness in your judgment of the material.

Lullaby For The Working Class is actually some local guys (from my area), who have gone on to be in bands like Berg Sans Nipple, Bright Eyes, Cursive, and others. They're easily one of my favorite bands from this area ever.

Congratulations on your 2000th review, very impressive! Especially considering the quality of them, they have been very useful to me and canít say that about too many other online sources. Cheers.

As for a small suggestion: I've named him a couple of times before but with his new compilation out on Lampse I think it is worth mentioning Machinefabriek again. I think his music is among the best ambient out there and I'm not just saying that because he's Dutch. ;-)

(great pick on Lullaby For The Working Class btw, itís a really charming mess of a song)

Hey. I've been reading your reviews every Friday for probably a year now. Never commented cuz I usually don't. Just wanted to say, you've directed me to some albums that I've really loved. Most recently, Nico Muhly has impressed me. Thanks. Congratulations on your 2000th and I hope you can keep it up.

Just also wanted to pass along my thanks for the have inspired me to make a mix of my own.
Keep on keeping on.

Sam P
Hey Aaron, been reading for ages and haven't posted in a while but constantly been reading the reviews. Really like the look of that modeselektor mix, they're Hello Mom! album is great... Surprised about the Fennesz Sakamoto review as I've heard really good things about it. Would look at the dubstep allstars 5 mix, top stuff if you're interested in the genre! I'm completely obsessive over it myself.

Looking forward to that already. Talking Heads are just about my favourite band ever.

Sam, I actually agree with you on "Tago Mago" to an extent. I'll probably get flogged by people smarter than I, but I think it's probably my fourth favorite album by Can.

Speaking of Can, I have a special update all written out for my favorite 5 or 6 albums of theirs. I just need to finish doing the podcasts for them. Hopefully I can finish it sometime in the next month or so. I also have future plans to do similar things with groups like Talking Heads and artists like Brian Eno. Just gotta find the time!

Can are amazing - there's no doubt about that. I have to admit that I can't really get the weirder stretches of Tago Mago though. I know it's meant to be one of their very best albums, but I usually have to skip the more insane tracks in the middle.

I really love Neu too - especially the first album. Hope you've checked that out.

Just wanted to say ta for the mixes. I've got the lot, and I didn't want to walk away without saying thank you.

Also, I forgot to again say thanks to everyone who entered a guess. I'll do another contest at some point down the road.

Oh, and you are correct about Can, Sam. They're easily one of my favorite groups EVER, and that's probably apparent from listening to the mixes.

At any rate, any other comments, suggestions or questions are always welcome.

The real number of labels that have been featured on the site is 687. No kidding. I was even surprised by the number when I looked it up in the database.

With his guess, Ted wins the contest this week. Contact me via the email on the FAQ page and I'll hook you up.

Of course, I forgot to add congratulations on reaching the big 2000. That's quite an achievement! And thanks for those mixes, I haven't even got near exhausting them yet. I notice Can make it onto 3 of the mixes, so they're clearly some favourites at the moment!

Two guess's

My guess is 280. And since you are allowing two guesses, I'll also say 322. Thanks so much for all the reviews; you've turned me on to a huge number of albums and music in general.

I'm extending it until 12:30 p.m. CST. Get in your guesses, people!

I'll guess... 112 and 203

I'll go with 198

I'll have two stabs in the dark: 72 and 167....

with 2000 reviews under your belt, i'd be real surprised if the number of labels was anywhere below 100. i guess 122.

My guess is 48...
by the way, nice review on Fennesz Sakamoto. I'm not particularly forgetful, but the disc failed to even leave a scar in my mind and I had a brief spin last night. Frankly, I never is a fan of Sakamoto, though I have a thing for his Discord album. It's confusing to see him gather such a massive fanbase.

Hell, there aren't that many entries. If people want to make two guesses, I'm totally game to that. :)

Moka, I'll definitely spin over and recommend some things. I've got a couple ideas off the top of my head already...

I've really enjoyed making the mixes. They're a bit time consuming, but the feedback has been good on them and I think it's a better way for people to discover some new stuff (possibly). At any rate, I think I'll make a habit of doing them once in awhile from now on.

mmm i was thinking.... 29.... no that's utterly wrong number should have went for a bigger one... oh well.

My guess is 29. Love the mixes btw, wish you could keep posting those.

Were making a list of "best indie albums of all time" in motel de moka, the page is still under construction and we'll be adding and substracting some of the albums on the list, would love to hear some reccomendations or comments on the list if any of you here have the time.

heres the link:

Agree 100% with your Efterklang review, although I may have given it a higher score. I think they are on the verge of greatness too. Really can't wait for the album, which should be out nearer the Autumn

Hmmmm...let's see. Let's go with 43, eh?

Really looking forward to the mix and reviews!

Also, the final mix tracklisting is...

"Facet Squared" - Fugazi (In On The Kill Taker)
"Madeleine-Mary" - Bonnie "Prince" Billy (I See A Darkness)
"Else" - Built To Spill (Keep It Like A Secret)
'Hypnotist (Song For Daniel H.)" - Lullaby For The Working Class (I Never Even Asked For Light)
"Do You Love Me?" - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (Let Love In)
"Seneca" - Tortoise (Standards)
"Moonshake" - Can (Future Days)
"Sleep" - This Heat (Deceit)
"Until Your Temples Are Pounding" - Macha (See It Another Way)
"Vos Reves Revers" - Le Fly Pan Am (N'ecoutez Pas)
"Born In '69" - Rocket From The Crypt (Scream, Dracula, Scream!)
"Trash Flavored Trash - The Blood Brothers (Crimes)
"Liberation Frequency" - Refused (The Shape Of Punk To Come)
"Please Give Me Roses Before I Am Dead" - Sweep The Leg Johnny (Tomorrow We Will Run Faster)
"In The Meantime" - Helmet (Meantime)
"Echoh Air" - The Psychic Paramount (Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural)

Obviously, it's a little louder than the previous ones.

The final contest question is:

How many different record labels have I reviewed releases by?

One guess per person, with the closest guess (by Noon central time on Friday, May 18) winning a copy of Aphex Twin's "Richard D. James Album."