May 24 Reviews / A question for you...

As usual, feel free to discuss reviews of the week or whatever else in here...

I haven't asked a question on the site in some time, but I got to wondering the other night about something and thought I would ask readers.

How did you discover this site, and how long have you been reading reviews here?

This isn't for marketing research or anything, I was just curious about it and would be flattered if you answered.

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I think thats a great idea Jon!. I love investigating new music, I know several great bands that fall into this catergory

Man, I'm always several years late on thread suggestions :P

Jon, that's a good question. I think I've asked something like that similar quite awhile back, but maybe I can do something like it again this next week. You can repeat your recommendation there if you want... :)

I'd heard about a lot of those Sigur Ros releases. Odin's Raven Magic has long been one of my favorite things of theirs that they hadn't yet put out, so I will definitely be getting that. There's at least a couple songs on there that are among the best things they've ever done.

And why not another...?

I was going to see if anyone else would interested in a 'tell everyone about a band that you don't think anyone here has heard of, but really should, despite them knowing quite a good deal about music' type idea. Not a bad thread

Anyone anyone?

I was going to mention Phantom Buffalo (formerly the ponys) who released an amazing album on time-lag recently called shishimumu. One of my favorite albums that was a total discovery...

And on more Sigur Ros news...has anyone seen the vinyl set they have at

All their previous albums repressed on vinyl, it's a pretty crazy package. I've wanted them on vinyl for a while, so this was really exciting for me. Sounds silly, but I was thinking that it might find someone else well too!

Just FYI, sigur ros is releasing, allegedly, a dvd of their "Odin's Raven Magic" concert they did some time ago with hilmar ùrn hilmarsson. If you haven't heard it before I really highly recommend it; probably some of their absolute best work.

It's probably on ze internets somewhere, but it will be exciting when it's actually released!

Oh, and since I mentioned them earlier, I just got the new hawk and a hacksaw EP: amazing! The video is fun too...

I don't rememeber exactly...i think i regularly read your reviews since 2002. As i share a lot of musical tastes, i come here every weak and i have to admit your opinions mean a lot to me.
No need to say almostcool is amongst favorite links on ondefixe website (french readers feel free to visit it)

Me I remember seeking for a review for Amon Tobin's supermodified and thats how I ended up on almostcool. This might had been around 6 years ago...

btw. went to the primaverasound in barcelona this weekend and The Battles were hands down one of the best and more powerful concerts in there, they kept dragging curious wanderers from every other scenario in the festival. I'm also in the group of people who feel a bit indifferent about "mirrored" overall but after seeing them live I'm well aware of their talent now. Would love to hear what they're up to in the future.

Chris Coleman
I have been turning to your reviews for nearly 5 years, and sending others here every chance I get. You have been responsible for MANY of my purchasing decisions and discoveries. Keep doing what you do.

I loved Atlas the first time I heard it, but the rest of the Battles album, give or take a few songs, isnt working for me either.

I missed them live, though, apparently thats where it all happens

For the record, the new Battles doesn't do much for me either...bubbachups and Sam, you are not alone.

Oh yes, the Apparat album got a review! Lovely! =)

I can't remember my actual discovery of this website. These things grow very gradually. I probably found some of your reviews through Google and over time started noticing that with most searches I ended up at your website. That must have been around 2003 I guess.

About the new Battles album, I don't think I could agree less about it. I find the album to be very boring and thin and I rarely make it to the end of the album. It really surprised me to see all the positive reactions after I started reading the reviews on this album. Even to the extend that I tried to listen to the album once again to see if I was wrong, but clearly I just don't like it. Oh well, these things happen, there's still plenty of music for me to enjoy. 2007 so far is a pretty decent year for music I would say.

I found the website looking for reviews of some forward thinking music that Constellation Records put out in 2001.

Thanks for the great site. Keep the reviews coming.

I just found this site while looking for the cheesy electronica group United State of Electronica and it made me smile. Being almost cool is the story of my life along with so many others', and it makes me feel good to know that my music reflects that.

It's weird but I'm not quite enjoying the Battles as much as everyone else. I like it a lot, and how new it sounds, but after a few tracks I'm starting to yearn for something with a bit more feeling or a lot less frenetic. It's a great record, but at the moment stuff like Panda Bear and The Field has got the edge on it this year for me.

Also, in case anyone is interested, I went to a full performance of Satie's repetitive 19-hour piano piece Vexations over the weekend. Mind-altering stuff. I've linked through to something I wrote about it...

Hey Almostcool,

can you remember writing th review for Gas' "Konigforst". I heard a track on a radio show and typed the album name into a search engine and the first link that came up was your site. I've been reading pretty much every week since.

I'd love to know when it was you posted it, because my memory is terrible. I reckon 2002, but possibly earlier?.

Anyway, I basically bought the album on the basis of your review (the first recommendation, but certainly not the last) and it remains one of my favourite in the ambient field

Found this site a few months back, about the same time the 75 Minutes podcast was cancelled, and it quickly grew to become one of my favoirite and more reliable sites for new music. Everything is well-written, to the point and very balanced! Good work!

Also, nice review of Battles, they deserve every high rating they get.

P.S. To continue the trend of good electronic releases, the new Apparat album is pretty hot:

Haha! I remember seeing that as well Jarad. I was at the same time completely flattered that they mentioned me and kind of annoyed that they screwed up the web address on the sticker. Doh!

I first discovered Napster. Then I discovered I needed something to download. Google led me and the review for the Postal Service had me hooked. Another review for Broken Social Scene's "You Forgot it in People" solidified this site as tops in my mind. When I went to buy BSS at my local indie record store, the sticker on the packaging quoted "" The marketers at A&C Records should pay more attention! This was way back in 2003 and I still read it every week. Yay music!

I Googled "indie music" back in 2000. I think that was within one week of ever even hearing the word "indie" and I didn't even know what it meant. Then I looked at your best of and somehow decided to buy DJ Shadow: Endtroducing, Modest Mouse: Lonesome Crowded West, and Godspeed: Slow Riot. Those albums were (and still are) amazing, and I never looked anywhere else for reviews since then.

I think I found you through metacritic as well, although I certainly spend more time checking things out here than elsewhere.

In case anyone is interested, I just came back from the Sasquatch music festival, and can say that Bjork is absolutely amazing live. I have never been a huge fan, but she blew me away. The mix of choir, electronics, brass, etc, and her nymph personality on stage is something I will not soon forget. Funny, because the Arcade Fire opened, and you get the feeling they are striving for that kind of show (and they are really really close), but Bjork has is down. case anyone is interested :)

I actually ran across your site long ago while looking for anything and everything regarding "69 Love Songs", and have really looked forward to Friday mornings since.

Love the Battles review...

"The Way the Wind Blows" IS amazing! Pretty unbelievable. I was actually going to see Beirut when they were in Austin, and a hawk and a hacksaw opened for them (I had never heard of them, actually) and I was completely blown away. They were doing so much for just two people, and then I recognized the NMH drummer, which was a pleasant surprise.

I could see it being a little disappointing if you heard the record first and then saw them live, since their live performance is so stripped down relatively. In any case they're quite a gem!


A Hawk and A Hacksaw are fantastic, "The Way The Wind Blows" was a favourite of mine in 06. Saw them live a couple of weeks ago, didn't quite live up to my expectations but it was certainly interesting

Elwin Rijken
yeah Battles rrrock
And they are coming to the Lowlands Festival here in The Netherlands!
Together with Patrick Wolf, Arcade Fire, LCD System and lots of other great bands!
So I'll get my tickets for sure!
Greetings Elwin

I have been reading your reviews for a couple of years now. I probably originally arrived at your site thru my usual searching for interesting, alternative music which your site certainly provides. thanks so much. I always look farward to your
friday releases.

I actually check back for the comments as well...haha, very regularly!

Aaron, have you heard A Hawk and a Hacksaw yet? I know several people mentioned them at the end of the year and put them on their "end of the year" lists here on the comments section. Anyway, I think you'd really enjoy them; amazing musicianship and a great mix of traditional eastern-european/gypsy/etc music with modern adaptations and 'sensibility', as they say. Plus the accordionist/percussionist is the drummer from Neutral Milk Hotel (Jeremy Barns?) maybe that lends him more credibility, haha, I don't know.

Anyway, I'd just like to see what you'd think of it. Hope you can get around to it some time!

Oh, and I went and picked up the Battles album, your review was spot on! I was going to get it anyway after hearing them a while back, but usually if you give a 9.0 to anything it's a sure thing.

Wow. I'm very flattered. Thanks to everyone who responded. It's fun to read about how people stumbled onto the site and how long I've managed to hold your attention.

No gratitude needed, but it is definitely appreciated. I have a lot of fun doing the site, and even moreso since I've opened up commenting this way. It's allowed me to discover a lot of good music as well through recommendations that readers have made.

So yeah, thanks again to everyone that reads the site. I'll do my best to keep chugging.

marshall Lilly
I realized I didn't show the proper gratitude in my earlier post. I owe you a huge amount of thanks, I've found out about so many albums from this site I lost count. I think everyone who reads the site should make you a mix cd of only bands that aren't reviewed here, that way maybe we can repay the favor...

Like Brent below, I came across your website through Metacritic back in about 2001. I also eagerly anticipate Thursday nights/Friday morning to see what you have to say (now here it too through your podcasts!). I also come here regularly every week to see if there are new posts in this comments area. Through you website, you've allowed me to expand my musical interests over this period. I can't thank you enough.

I found this site around 2001 when I was living in England with no friends and desperate to hear some interesting new music. I think I just googled music reviews or something of that nature and stumbled upon your site. Been reading ever since. As someone who grew up listening to punk and metal, reading your reviews opened my ears up to whole new genres, and I can't thank you enough for leading me to Four Tet. New Battles is amazing by the way.

good question. at least 4 years ago, and i i'm here every friday man. you've got me into some great music.

First attraction to this site was by a simple google search for Mogwai reviews.
The rest, as they say, is history...

I frequent the constellation site several times a week and have done so for some time hoping for an update; which of course, is silly since they update their site about once every three months (but does it make it more satisfying...who knows :P).

Anyway, the name of your site caught my eye so I'd pay particular attention to your reviews in their review section. Then I decided I'd stop by the site sometime last April or so; the first thing you turned me onto was Beirut!

Now Thursdays around midnight are a very exciting time. Thanks for your hard and dedicated work; quite something special you have going here, glad I found it!

i found your site a few years ago when metacritic featured your top 10 list along with various other critic lists for the best albums of whatever year that was (04?). as i recall, your list didn't suck like rolling stone's.

Totally agree with your battles review. They're amazing...even better live. I saw them with lightning bolt in cleveland and they blew me away, very nice guys too.

I stumbled across this site doing a search for do make say think. I had just heard about them and wanted to find some reviews. That was back in 2001 or 2002 and I've checked this site every friday since then.

I found your site while googling for the number 7. Hahaha!

Gonna kick your ass at tennis tonight. ;)

Actually I find your site searching for Aphex Twin album reviews some 7 years ago.
Than I got hooked reading all kinds of reviews by the way you make them personal and greatly detailed. Your motivation and enthousiasm is inspiring.

Then I kind of pissed you of by seeing all bands you got me onto, like Múm, Do Make Say Think, Sufjan Stevens etc :D

Haha, but serious, I check your site at least 2/3 times a week and still think it's one of the best!

Greetings Elwin

Ta for the Tunng review. It's a great album; I love the mix of glitchery trickery and old fashioned songwriting. Who else is good who does this? Pulseprogrammming get my vote as underlauded practitioners of the art (almost entirely for their cracking "Tulsa For One Second").

Coming back to Tunng, it took me a while to get past the slightly 90's-y use of vocal samples - reminded me of the way people used to drop lines of film dialogue into trip-hop as a short-cut to atmosphere. In Tunng's case it works though, perhaps just because it isn't used instead of emotion.

Can't say quite for sure. I know I discovered you through search engines (maybe google, maybe alta vista) why searching for things to check out on napster and soulseek. Napster may be a little too early for this site, but it came out of that. That and I liked your work enough to stick around and read every Friday (even while living in Amsterdam)...

I found your site back in about 2001. At the time I had fairly undeveloped musical tastes and was listening to indie and house music and stuff like Lemonjelly and The Avalanches. A friend of my then-girlfriend lent me a stack of very beautifully packaged cds by bands who I'd never heard of before playing a kind of music that I never knew existed. The pile was mainly from Constellation, the earlier records by Godspeed and Do Make Say Think and I was equal parts hooked and baffled by the sounds within - they didn't seem to fit anywhere with what everyone else in England was listening to. I had to find out more, and after Googling around I found your site. I found other sites too, but yours quickly became my favourite as you never seemed susceptible to overhyping things. Plus, weirdly, I seemed to enjoy each and every one of the releases that you recommended, so I began reading regularly and picking up just about everything with a high recommendation. I've discovered dozens and dozens of artists this way...

Hey hey,
Got into the site by searching for reviews of rekkids that I was interested in buying, and your name just kept coming up. Having done the litmus test (is the stuff he likes good, and the stuff he doesn't like bad) I started reading regularly, I dunno, a year, 18 months ago I guess. Haven't gotten round to asking you out dancin' yet though.

Mrs. Almostcool
I started reading your site because it was linked from my friend Andrew's site. I had an office job with a lot of time to surf the internet and I killed hours reading your reviews and blog entries. By random chance, I met you in person one day during a visit to your city. I made you go dancing with me and kissed you on the cheek and fled before you could react. Although I did not know if you liked me or not and we did not exchange phone numbers or email addresses; I knew that we'd meet again. In fact, I remember being on the train going home, listening to the Magnetic Fields on my headphones and thinking about how good it was to meet you. Discovering was literally a life-altering event for me, to say the least!

i've been reading since 2002 or so. i must have been 13 or 14 then? i can't even remember how i found your site. maybe through amazon? i doubt that was it, though...

guess i should pick up that battles album. i was considering it but your review's convinced me.

have you heard the new fridge yet? (not sure when it comes out/came out)