June 21 Reviews / Is it getting hot in here?

Other than talking about whatever you want, I thought I would ask what you all tend to listen to when it gets hot out. The weather here has started a severe climb upward, and a lot of my usual heavier stuff (musical or otherwise) seems far too oppressive for really warm temps. So what's your favorite summertime music?

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Actually, the video for ""Tänk Att Himlens Alla Stjärnor" is included on the CD release as well in a very nice high-quality quicktime format. I guess I forgot to mention that in my review, so I may go back and add that.

Hi! I am truly happy to see Appelqvist being reviewed in this week's batch, and it's a pleasure too see it podcast-worthy! =)

I've been really into it for some time now, or at least parts of it. If you haven't seen the music video for "Tänk Att Himlens Alla Stjärnor" yet, I urge you to do so. It really plays on the Sweet contra Grotesque theme that is all over the album. Oh, and the part about the Werewolf transformation in Full the Moon really jumped on me the first time, and is still haunting in a way. Spot-on review, as always! Cheers from Sweden!~

yes, avalanches are great for summer...

On a hot summer day, driving with the windows down, I loving going back in time with Sublime's "40 Oz. to Freedom". An imperfect album, to be sure, but it just feels like hot sun, freshly cut grass, and cold beer.

Summer? Peter Tosh ;)

Pretty much anything that deals with Basic Channel et al, especially Rhythm & Sound. So dub. Lots of dub. That and indie rock seems to reappear in my life during the summer.

That's great to hear about Battles. I'm seeing them this Saturday!

And just by the way, just saw Battles live last night: wow. Wow. Wow.

If you get the chance go see them, insane to see four guys coordinating between 10-20 tracks, realtime, and it sounding and looking like pure magic. Thoroughly impressed, they actually replicate most everything on the album...which is absolutely nuts.

Go go go go go!

Very nice as usual Aaron; I've heard about Pamelia Kurstin for awhile now and got to see a pretty cool live performance of hers. However, it did get a little redundant, but that song of hers called 'theremin orchestra" is still on the tip of my mind most of the time...

As far as summer releases...I want to second the "Person Pitch" suggested below; agreed. I have tended to bend toward "lighter" music, more or less, not quite as contemplative. I've, surprisingly, really liked that Lullabye Arkestra release.

Oh, and my "obscure" band phantom buffalo has that "Shishimumu" release which I think is just almost the perfect summer record!

i like to wander the sun-drenched streets to the surreal sounds of hammock, especially the 'stranded under endless sky' ep.
also, hot summer days are usually the time to get out my calexico and friends of dean martinez albums.

Moka, was it you who recommended the Nobody & Missing Chords of Memory last year? I just finally picked that release up recently and it's pretty darn good. It's also just about perfect for summer weather.

Other stuff I really enjoy during the summer are Beach Boys - Pet Sounds, Brian Wilson - Smile, Caribou - Up In Flames, Avalanches - Since I Left You

There's others, but that's a good start.

Surf guitar! Dunno something by the Blue Hawaiians, Ape or Jimmy Luttrell and also some vocal jazz - I've been playing the "Everybody’s boppin" album by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross alot this hot nights.

I am enjoying the new Cornelius album, Sensuous, and also Michio Kurihara's solo effort, Sunset Notes.

It's different from year to year, but at the moment I mostly enjoy new hot electronica such as Gui Boratto and Apparat. The recent Frog Eyes album has also been getting a lot of plays in early summer mornings, which I, by the way, would rank on par with Person Pitch. The song Bushels seems very summery to me.

F.S. Blumm - Summer Kling from last year is for lazy days in the sun. Yeah, that's basically it.

mungo jerry "in the summertime"

i would have to say pavement's slanted and enchanted is up there as is the breeder's last splash. something current that i have been playing when the weather gets hot is panda bear, to me thats a great summer album

This may seem weird, but most music reminds of the time of year I bought it or first heard it. So you might expect a band like the Cocteau Twins to be the perfect summertime soundtrack. But, as most of their records were released in the Spring or Autumn months, that's what they remind me of. That said, "Victorialand" is perfectly summery, yet somehow very cosy and comforting for colder days.

So i'm probably going to go with these:
Tim Buckley - "Blue Afternoon"
The Cure - "Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me"
Grandaddy - "Sumday"
Hugo Largo - "Mettle"
Mogwai - "Come On Die Young" [I played it a lot while on my honeymoon in Greece in July 99]
OMD - "Junk Culture"
The James Orr Complex - "Chori's Bundle"
Portishead - "Dummy"
Shelleyan Orphan - "Helleborine" & "Century Flower"

Small Sails, who have just signed to Resonant, is perfect for Summer time. I also enjoy more chilled stuff like Helios, The Gentleman Losers and Origamibiro