July 5 Reviews / Who needs to release something?

2007 has been a great year so far for music, with some seriously anticipated things on the horizon that I'm excited about.

Being a greedy music listener, though, there are other artists I wish would put something else out soon. Who do you wish would put out another album?

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Ryan Dee
I have to admit that I read about the Lubomyr Melnyk in the Other Music newsletter. I saw Steve Reich and Frederic Chopin in the same paragraph and had to check it out. I'm glad I did: this has got to be the reissue of the year.

Thanks for the recommendations for Strumming Music - and to Bubbuchups for that link. This is something I'll definitely try to get hold of. Still eagerly waiting for the Melnyk to arrive....

Thanks for that link Andy, very interesting indeed.

You all may be interested in this very interesting podcast on music, language and cognition/psychology;
I found it incredibly interesting.


I thought i would share this great album with people. You may remember the Ben Frost review and discussion here form a few weeks ago. Well, the producer of that album, Valgeir Sigurdsson, is releasing his debut solo album.

It's a collaborative venture and features the likes of Bonnie Prince Billy, Olaf Arnaulds, Nico Muhly and a singer (I don't know much about but has a beautiful voice) Dawn McCarthy.

Every song is different and I think it's going to be one of the better releases this year. It's due out in September on the exciting Bedroom Community label. Gorgeous cinematic and emotive electronic music

you can stream some samples here. I particularly recommend 'Winter Sleep' and 'Kin'


"I would love (well begging) to see a new release by them. Its pure speculation, but all of GY!BE releases have been CST3, 6, 12 and 24. But since CST48 has already come out (hrsta), that theory is mute..."

Wow, I've never heard of that theory before! A numerology theory of their release patterns; if I had known about that I would have been freaking out with #48 coming out!

Godspeed coming out with something new, as I've already said, would be my absolute dream. Mt. Zion is great, but it certainly isn't the same (nor should it be).

Speaking of constellation, I'd actually really like another fly pan am release, as I really do prefer them to feu therese, though they had their moments on their debut.

While i'm here, would also just like to give out a shout to Spanish band Schwarz (now on Acuarela, but previously on Astro) - makin great great guitar/synth rock from the Stereolab/Spaceman 3 mould but with a slight edge. Do check them out!

Well, thanks for the Melnyk introduction - stunning music. I only just discovered Reichs' Music for 18 Musicians (for me one of the most remarkable achievements in music across any genre) so i'm always happy to hear of similar groundbreaking work.

Add me to the list of people that bought the Melnyk cd. You've never steered me wrong before, I don't expect this will be any different.

Also Aaron, I didn't get a chance to make you that mix cd before I left for the summer. When I get back home next month I'll put it together for you. I'll give you one teaser hint. A Swedish band called Acid House Kings. Amazing

There's a saying, That a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

The thing about Melnyk and Reich and all these utterly fantastic works are things you can look back upon, thinking how in the world could I have lived without knowing about them? Know what I mean? ;)

That 'Outro' song GY!BE gave on the 'Song of The Silent Land' compilation was simply taken from one of their live performances (14 May 2003 @ L'Olympic in France) - you can find the whole thing at archives.org

I would love (well begging) to see a new release by them. Its pure speculation, but all of GY!BE releases have been CST3, 6, 12 and 24. But since CST48 has already come out (hrsta), that theory is mute...

Like to see a new Autechre album too (untitled - :|)

I second the 'Strumming Music' recommendation for Charlemagne Palestine. An extremely underappreciated minimalist and this album could seriously rank in my top 10 all-time. Utterly fantastic.

I agree....so much interesting music I have found in the last fews weeks through this site.
Speaking of which, I have been spending some time with Wind up Bird, whips. Those of you who don´t have it should look into it.

This kind of discussion is exactly what makes running this site worthwhile! Thanks for the comments everyone and I have to admit (as I did in the review) that it was my friend (and band-mate) Ryan who told me about the Melnyk in the first place.

bubbachups, I've done the same thing with readers lists on this site. It seems like in addition to getting new things, I spend each year trying to catch up and buy random things that I've read about on other lists from the previous year. I always feel like I'm a bit behind, but I've discovered some amazing stuff that way.

Well, looks like you've already sold 4 copies of Lubomyr Melnyk today, Aaron. Nice job.

@ Sam: From Charlemagne Palestine I would recommend his 'Strumming Music' album. If you click my name you can listen to a track that's (although much shorter) very similar to that release.

Funny thing is that I actually discovered Charlemagne Palestine through one of last year's reader year-end lists on this website. From Michel from Canada to be precise. Only a couple of months later and Iíve already bought 4 of his albums. Very expensive website you have here Aaron. ;-)

Lubomyr Melnyk. Oh my god. Bought!

Yep, that Melnyk sure sounds mouth-watering. I've just ordered one from the label - doesn't seem to available or even heard of over here in the UK.

And talking of Charlemagne Palestine, I've been really enjoying his release with Tony Conrad (An Aural Symbiotic Mystery) - can anyone recommend anything else by him?

Wow, great review on the Lubomyr Melnyk release! It coincidentally came to my attention last week while scrolling through best-of-2007 lists on Rate Your Music and was instantly compelled by the previews on the label's website. Very good companion for Charlemagne Palestine's work but with quite an amazing unique quality. I was almost suspicious when hearing the previews, I mean, how can anything SO good still be so unknown (compared to its counterparts) and now be released by such a small label? Unbelievable! So I'm glad to hear you think the same way and that the entire album is similar to the previews; will have to put this on order very soon. Like, now. :-)

Nice review of Lubomyr Melnyk, I've never heard of this album. I think ill order this too, sounds rather wonderful

Thanks for the tip

Stephen Malkmus, Pavement (a person is allowed to dream hehe), and Tape!

right on rynptts, kf whitman, fennesz for sure. i'll add m83. also notwist as mentioned earlier - im wondering if neon golden was a dream.

has anyone seen deerhunter live? totally amazing

Ok, I'm listening to "like hearts swelling" now...definitely another Polmo Polpo release!

OK, since I'm a dumbass and missed that DMST release- which I ran out and bought; whee!- I'll just say I would be perfectly happy if Grizzly Bear released a new album every 3 mos. or so. =)

oh and portishead are going to play in the all tomorrows party, and pahex twin is also on the bill!!

the tuss is definately aphex twin, and rushup edge is some of the best music he´s made.

anyway, radiohead i want them to release something now.

timonium (i'm still gutted that Tracy Uba left the group but hopefully the long wait will be worthwhile)

Christa Pfangen
Giuseppe Ielasi (himself)
David Grubbs

another [4 or 5] albums: Soofyawn.

Elizabeth Fraser
Jim O'Rourke
Part Chimp
Yndi Halda

plus a whole host of bands local to me;
Noise Bitch

i agree with many of these, and some others as well...

- the wind-up bird (he apparently has a new album coming out on spekk, though it seems to be perpetually in the 'coming soon' category.)

- fennesz solo album (heard rumors he's having a very difficult time with the new one.)

- keith fullerton whitman

- mountains

- boredoms

- my bloody valentine (of course...)

The New Year just did a west coast tour trying out some new material. They sounded exellent! A new LP should see the light of day in the new year...... Erg I had to say it.

First off, this is a great list of suggestions...and to be honest, a bunch of bands have been suggested tjat I am completely unaware of (wind up bird, Labradford). I would like to completely support the call for the Notwist - Neon Golden is a gem.

Totally agree about 1 Mile North. Minor Shadows is amazing. No one has heard a peep from that guy since.

I'll also throw out Arovane. I miss Arovane a lot. He said Lillies was his last album. If that's the case, he saved the best for last.

I'm also rather excited about the Vic Chesnutt release, as well as the Sandro Perri release!

While I tended to really fall for the "Plays Polmo Polpo" record, I would still really like to see another album under the Polmo Polpo name; "Like Hearts Swelling" is still as amazing as it was the first time, if not even more-so. I'm pretty enamored with everything I've heard Mr. Perri do, so I guess this next one is still going to be alright...

I would be able to die happily if godspeed would release something else. Hearing "gamelan" and "albanian" put to tape would be...ineffable, that would really be something special. Unfortunately, I just don't see that happening with Mt. Zion becoming more and more polished; as well as the non-Zion members doing their own thing as well.

What about another Boards of Canada album? I was really not too impressed with the last one, I think they could evolve their sound and come out with something really ground breaking...what do y'all think?

And I wouldn't mind another Hawk and A Hacksaw release, or another Panda Bear album (though both of those came out this year :P).

Wow, that is really great news, very interesting collaboration also, thanks for the information!

bubbachups, your wish is my (well, Constellation's, anyway) command. Swing on over to their site (http://www.cstrecords.com) and you'll see that they're releasing a new album from Vic Chestnutt this fall. It was recorded in Canada and features everyone from the entire Silver Mt. Zion gang to Guy Picciotto of Fugazi.

Oh, and I totally second Dave's thought about Labradford. Their last four albums were bee's knees and better.

As for this week's question, I would love anything new from Mark Kozelek but that ain't going to happen this year I'm afraid. I think it's also about time for Vic Chesnutt to make a new record.

I saw quite an amazing gig from the so called ĎBox Music Projectí (one-off conceptual collaboration between Raoul Björkenheim, Trevor Dunn, Ståle Storløkken and Morgan Ågren) a few weeks ago in Amsterdam. It was the perfect combination between Supersilent and Scorch Trio, an extremely exhilarating performance. The music of that project is supposedly being released by Rune Grammofon later this year so Iím really looking forward to that one.

Nice to read about your favourite record store in the Seefeel review. Even now in our modern, digitalized world with all the music you can imagine at the click of a button, I still consider an actual, old fashioned record store as my holy temple. Not just because of the comforting feeling of being completely surrounded by records and music, but also because of the interaction with staff and other customers which you fittingly mentioned. I had a favourite record store called "De Platenworm" in Groningen, The Netherlands. Although I've only had the privilege to shop there for 2 or 3 years before they closed, they (and especially the owner) had a huge impact on my current taste in music. For me, going to a record store is still the ultimate experience of being a music enthusiast.

Labradford - their last album (5or 6 years ago?)marked a step foward in electronic/guitar instrumental music and they are more emotive than most stuff out there.

Migala - a Spanish band who I think split up a year or 2 ago but had just seemed to peak with a great sounding album.

Godspeed - i'm sure this will happen one day....

JWB, you are aware that DMST already put out one album this year, right? :)

For a band with each member in about three different bands, it's probably asking a bit much for another one so soon.

Ooh, Wind-Up Bird is a good choice, and I'd throw 1 Mile North out there as well. They put out two albums and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

There's a new Sandro Perri full length coming this fall according to the just-released Constellation fall update.

Supposedly Radiohead's album is all but finished. I bet it will hit either late this year or early 2008.

I don't know if GYBE will ever put anything out again. It might be reading too much into it, but I think that the song title on the last song they released ("Outro" on Songs Of The Silent Land comp) might simply be it for them.

Do Make Say Think- none of their albums knocks me on my ass at 1st listen, but each has became more and more amazing as I continue listening. And unlike a lot of "instrumental rock" bands, they actually manage to produce a unique feel on each album. They are my favorite band not carried by iTunes. =)

Well, since there are new Stars and Mum albums already on the way. And there's no hope of ever seeing new Godspeed or Slowdive, here's the short wishlist:

The Wind-Up Bird: Whips was one amazing album, but that's been 3 years? 4 years?

Polmo Polpo: Like Hearts Swelling has gotten even better over time. Kiss Me Again and Again was a nice interlude. But I was not a fan of the Sandro Perri album at all.

The Notwist: Been a long time since Neon Golden with only that 13&God project in the meantime which had its moments.

Julien Neto

Hum: Please reunite. Please?

Fennesz: Just Fennesz, by himself.

Autechre: Longer than usual break by Autechre. Come save IDM. Either them or Aphex Twin.

other than those already mentioned...um, godspeed you black emperor, anyone?

also, thanks for spreading the quique love.

Portishead definitely, but where are Radiohead?

In no particular order, I would like to see albums by:

Cut Copy - His debut album has only grown with time and become one of my go-to summertime electronic pop listens.

Portishead - Yeah, they supposedly have an album finished called "Angel," but that's been the case for about two years running now. There was a secret gig recently that featured the three original members, so hopefully that's a sign that something realy is cooking again. It would probably never live up to what I would build it up to in my mind, but alas, I would still like to hear something else by them.

The New Year - I don't even know if they're together anymore, but I'd like to hear another album from them.

Aphex Twin - Seriously, man. I've heard the rumours that The Tuss is really Richard D. James, but at this point I'm pretty much sick of the psuedonyms. "Drukqs" (and the Chosen Lord series) had their moments but are certainly no fitting swan song. I'm waiting...