Year winding down...

If everything goes according to plan, Friday the 21st will be my last update for the year. I plan on posting the usual batch of reviews, along with my year-end list and mix. I'll be taking submissions from readers for their lists as usual, so start your formulation now if you haven't already.

I'll probably take a week off after that, but lurk and post in whatever thread is open then.

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FYI, Dusted Magazine puts together some interesting end of the year lists. I often have found music well outside of my usual listening through these lists;
They can be found here:

I haven't posted a comment here for a while, but have been enjoying reading the threads - great stuff.
Would just like to give a mention to Early Day Miners, a band I discovered after their last release, "Offshore", and have become infatuated with their music having got my hands on all of their releases.
Not sure why, but they don't seem to get much attention despite creating what I believe to be some of the most subtle and emotional guitar songs around.
For anyone not familiar with their work, I would recommend starting with their first album, "Placer Found", and journeying through the rest chronologically. Immensely rich and rewarding music.

That makes sense, I noticed that there was a lot of space on each side; figured it was for fidelity reasons. "Archangel" definitely makes everything shake in my room!

Wish the play-order was the same though...but it plays through pretty smoothly methinks. The Person Pitch vinyl play-order was slightly different too, but I was really familiar with the original by that point, though I felt the vinyl played a little less smooth.

Anyway, thanks much for the response! I'll shut-up for a moment, but reviews as always Aaron!

To answer your question about the lists Jon, I will open up a page next Friday with an email address to send them to me. If you check out the readers list for last year, you can see how it goes.

Also re: the Burial vinyl. I've heard that the first copies that went out were mislabeled in terms of songs, and some of them had some audio issues (a faint hiss in one channel) as well. I'm sure they cleared that up by now, though, and the originals will become some sort of collectible. Heh.

The vinyl version is a more 'dj' geared version. Hyperdub pulled the beatless tracks, and reshuffled things (the reason for the reshuffle, I'm not sure). Pulling the beatless track allows for wider cut grooves on the non-beatless tracks, and thus a deeper, richer bass.

Also, I just happened to notice that the track list seems to be significantly different for the cd & LP versions of the Burial album (I've got the latter). Has anyone here heard both? I feel like I'm hearing the album in a different play order than it was intended!

It's starting to really get to me though, in a good way. I had a really hard time with what I heard from burial last year, but this album is rubbing me the right way this year...guess I'll have to re-check out the first one!

Really happy that you got to review the Pop Ambient album; I just picked that up recently and actually really enjoyed it. I too saw the same tracks as the stand-outs, knew I'd like the field's track (still enamored with his debut) but I really liked the "camilla" track.

Oh, and where do we send submissions to for the end of the year lists? Or do we just put them on here?