Year end lists and mix

Along with the updates for the week, I've posted my favorites for the year (see the "LISTS" page). I'm also taking readers lists again, so spin by there and send me yours.

For the second year in a row, I've also put together a year-end mix. Again, it's split into two pieces, and they can be downloaded here...

Feel free to comment about any of the above or whatever else.

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Got to say great mixes and a nice summary of the year! Looking forward to see this site start off 2008 with brand new stuff. Please do check out Bon Iver's album when Jagjaguwar will have it properly released in February! It is pure gold!

Elwin Rijken
`the right sort of odd´

:D Haha I love that

There's some great stuff on here that completely passed me by this year. The Skeletons And The Kings Of All Cities and Sunset Rubdown albums are just the right sort of odd. Plenty of wtf noises and plenty of tune; my favorite mix, so thanks for that.

As if it's not apparent, I won't have a review update this week again.

Things will return to their regularly-scheduled updates next week (Friday, the 11th of January).

Feel free to continue whatever discussion in here, though. Anyone listen to the mixes?

It's a cult... join us...

Just kidding.
While I think your statement is somewhat of an exaggeration, I honestly can't say why a lot of lists look somewhat similar this year. I was surprised to see a lot of my picks being somewhat close to those of Pitchfork (for example), then again I know people who pretty much hated everything that I had listed in my top 10.

Really, I seriously doubt that I have so much influence that any of my readers would pattern their choices after what I selected. If anything, it was just one of those weird years where certain releases (like the Panda Bear and Burial, for instance) really struck a chord with a lot of people, so you end up seeing those on a lot of lists.

So I guess that's my take on it. And by the way, you should submit your list if you'd like. I'm always looking to hear great music that I might have missed (which I know happens quite a bit).

is it just me?
or readers' lists indeed all look the same, more or less? and pretty much the same as almostcool's? what are we coming to?

thanks -- happy new year to you and cheers for all the great work. As ever its been wonderful

No problem at all. I realize that there's a ton of great music out there, and I obviously can't get to all of it. Spread the love!

And happy new year everyone! :)

Hi Almostcool, I hope it is okay to post this -- if not please feel free to take it down. My friends and I have started or own little netlabel. First release is just out and ready to download for free. Please check it out

Thanks for pointing out those erroneous links, I got them fixed.

Thanks for all the comments as well so far as well. They're always much appreciated.

Hey Aaron; just wanted to let you know that your "full review" link off the year-end list for The Austerity Program links to your triple burner review. Which, I must say, isn't necessarily a bad thing (especially in case someone missed the triple burner s/t)!

Anyway, appreciate the reviews as usual. Hope '08 is as good as '07 has been!

Expect my list soon - still waiting to hear Radiohead and a couple of other possible contenders...

Quick note -- thanks for the end-of-year list; it's the only one I read faithfully! Wanted to let you know that the link to the Burial full review is erroneous.

Since dmst's live show has come up...

Hands down best show I've seen this year! Such an amazing amazing night I must admit; they really out-did themselves from the last couple of shows they've done. Every song just seemed alive, and yet still pretty close to the studio recordings...

And yes, Boomkat has some good lists as well I must say!

I totally agree with what you're saying about DMST. I saw 'em three times this year and I'd see 'em again in a heartbeat.

A great mix Aaron. Thank muchly.
Also, Boomkat has a pretty amazing set of lists over at their site.

I'm really enjoying both mixes. The first section of 1 is especially good - including the Hans Appelqvist and Andrew Bird tracks, which I'd not heard. Also the Pinch track is amazing. I'd heard most of the other tracks before, but the flow works beautifully. Thanks!

Yes, totally! That would be Kashiwa Daisuke's Program Music 1.

I thought I'd ask: was there anything in particular that anyone really wanted to hear, or heard a little of and took to well, but never bought the entire release of?

The reason I ask is that I heard really good things about the Kemialliset Ystavat release, and heard a bit of it and really enjoyed it, but never got to pick the release up! Just wondering...

And the year-end mix just worked for me too, can't wait!

Thanks for that - it worked perfectly. Looking forward to giving them both a listen.

Likewise, just right-click and save on my name above for part 2 of the mix...

If that's the case, just right-click on my name above and save for part 1 of the mix...

I'm still having difficulty. I don't get the error message anymore. But it loads a white screen, with a 'Done but with errors' symbol in the bottom left corner. This happens with the podcasts too, but I've been able to get around this by right clicking on the logo, then going 'Save Target as...' However, there is no link for the year-end mix. Any ideas?

If you copy the addresses into your browser (IE, Firefox, or Safari), it will give you the option of downloading the file or it will simply load up in the browser. If it loads up in the browser, just do a "File -> Save As" and that should let you save it wherever.

If that doesn't work for some reason, just let me know.

Like Michel, I too want to thank you for a great job this year. Lots of discoveries for me in 2007. Actually, your best of list surprised me in places this a good way.
I apologize for a stupid question, and one I think I asked last year, but within Safari how do you actually download this?
Happy holidays!

Thanks for all the work that you put into this place. The sincerity of your reviews is refreshing.

Sorry folks, forgot to mention that Concert Silence is a side project by the guy from Eluvium and the album is available to download from

Hi all, some great albums to be had in your list there. Don't understand why Mice Parade get overlooked so much?? Needless to say they top my end of year list for 2007 with (yet another)cracking album. All the best

Apologies on that. I actually had the URL incorrect, but it's fixed now.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Great list Aaron - will be posting you mine very soon. In the meantime, I'm having the same trouble as Jon downloading your mixes...

Happy Christmas, and thanks for another great year of reviews

Hey Aaron,
I just tried to go to the end of the year mixes & I got an error message. I'm using safari on a mac...just thought I'd throw it out there. Really anxious to hear the year-end mix!

Also, very surprised that you choose battles over the rest; they were amazing live but I didn't go back to the LP all that much. I guess it was a little too intense for me, haha...

If you want to know the tracklisting before downloading, it's as follows...

Part 1
"Another Ballad For Heavy Lids" - Stars Of The Lid
"Take Pills" - Panda Bear
"Tänk Att Himlens Alla Stjärnor" - Hans Appelqvist
"I Am John" - Loney, Dear
"Scythian Empires" - Andrew Bird
"Can't Roll Back" - Strategy
"What They Said" - Skeletons And The Kings Of All Cities
"Unsolved Mysteries" - Animal Collective
"Keep The Car Running" - The Arcade Fire
"Herstory Of Glory" - Do Make Say Think
"Rocket To The Moon" - Patrick Cleandenim
"Someone Great" - LCD Soundsystem
"Electric To Me Turn" - Bruce Haack
"Accident & Emergency" - Patrick Wolf

Part 2
"Brighter Day" (Ft. Juakali) - Pinch
"Archangel" - Burial
"The Hopeless Pursuit Of Remission" - Venetian Snares
"Everday" - The Field
"Idiot " - James Holden
"Ddiamondd" - Battles
"Song 18" - The Austerity Program
"Absorb Those Numbers" - Marnie Stern
"Bakkenvesper" - Robag Wruhme And Wighnomy Brothers
"The Mirror Speaks" - James Blackshaw
"Golden Sword" - Winter Family