The new year

Until things really ramp up in terms of releases this year, I'll probably try to catch up on some things that I didn't get around to during the past 365 days. I'm already discovering some things that I missed out on, which is basically how it goes every year.

As always, feel free to discuss whatever.

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I'm one of those people who already has all the Gas CDs, but I have to admit that I think the re-release is pretty cool. I'll be curious to hear if the remastering has changed things at all, but I think the originals sound pretty damn good still. Some of my favorite ambient music ever.

you just beat me to it, Sam ;). i'm almost speechless!! i guess we can now file the year 2008 under 'the very best of human history'

now if someone would re-release kc accidental then my life would be complete ;)

Looks like I got my wish about the Gas reissues. Kompakt is releasing a box set!

'sheltering sky' is my favourite Justin, especially the big, foghorn bit. I'd imagine they'd be pretty incredible live

I still think the SYA release is the best record of last year. I agree with Michael, it shows you something new each listen. Each experience with it seems fresh... it just crushes me (without being to heavy sounding).

I quite liked the Souvenir's Young America album. Repeated listens reveal many hidden depths, new sounds can be heard almost every time. It's multi-layered too and there has clearly been a lot of thought put into it

Thanks for the link, (the other) Aaron. I shall read with interest. And I agree, a 33 1/3 book would be fantastic!

Want to hear your thought's on Biirdie's Catherine Avenue? They are releasing it on the 22nd but it has been available to purchase online since September.

Wow! The Coldest Season is really knocking me off the ground right now! Amazing album. Also, I'm really impressed you've happened to review half of all the electronic releases that made the top 10 list for the electronic music site ResidentAdvisor:

Is that a site you tend to visit? I always smile a bit when I see your site and RA coming across the same albums. As both of my favorite music sites agreed on the greatness of The Coldest Season, no wonder it just owns! =)

(The Other) Aaron
I've no idea which church it was, but if any resource might be able to help you it's the Within/Without fan page, which you may or may not already know about...

I wish 33 1/3 would do a book on SOE or Laughing Stock, surely one is in the works.

Good luck, and happy listening!

Thanks - would've taken you up on your kind offer but have since ordered it quite cheaply online. Looking forward to listening to it. Spirit of Eden is quite quite wonderful as you say - 'I Believe You' being a particular highlight for me.

I'm quite keen to find out which church in Suffolk they recorded Laughing Stock in, as I grew up there. Any ideas?

(The Other) Aaron
@ Sam

To say the least. I'm a huge Hollis/Talk Talk fan. When pressed, Spirit of Eden is what I tell people is my favorite album of all-time. It's music, perfected.

I can hook you up with the solo album if you still don't have it.

I haven't listened to SOE in a few weeks. It's time to revisit it today. Thanks!

January is proving the perfect time for revisiting my Talk Talk records. Such sparse soulful music - I love all its natural imagery, and how sad but hopeful it feels. It seems to encapsulate the January feel perfectly for me at the moment. The Colour of Spring, Spirit of Eden, Laughing Stock - a sublime trilogy. Must track down the Mark Hollis solo album too. Is anyone else a fan?

so much music, so little time. Don't you wish someone would pay you to do this? I know I would love that.

Also on a side note, my friends and I are compiling a compilation for our next release on our netlabel. We're looking for ambient artists, drone artists especially, but we will also consider music influnenced by Labradford, Pan American and all those other amazing Kranky artists. Oh and a little shimmering shoegaze too

If interested please get in touch through myspace. Click my name to find it

Elwin Rijken
Hey Aaron,

I'm very curious about your thoughts on the latest BSS album (Kevin Drew presents)
It's action packed, very divers and full of ideas. It's still unfolding itself to me.
Made it into my yearlist

Looking forward to your 2008 reviews!
Best to you
greetings Elwin